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Your opix as to whom are all-time greatest movie comedians?

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This is my #1 all-time favorite film genre & typically Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's L.B. Mayer-(l885-l957) simply loathed movie comics, look what he did to Buster Keaton!  As *SINATRA later said Mr. Mayer was devoid of any sense of humor.  My own top 3 to 5 all-timers within the genre are>

1st *Charles (Spencer) Chaplin-(l889-l977)-(though he never made me laugh like Keaton, just watch in amazement!)

2. Buster Keaton-(l895-l966)

3. The Marx Brothers-(l929-1949 together)

4. The Three Stooges-(l934-59 but only in the shorts, the one's with dullard Joe De Rita were more child friendly) I know what your thinkin' low brow)

5th W.C. Fields-(l879-l946)

6th fav. Stan Laurel (l890-l965) & Oliver Hardy-(l892-l957)

7th I forget someone else, I know *"The Woodman"-Woody Allen-(l935-)


& I don't care what all say, Jackie (RALPH KRAMDEN) Gleason (l9l60-87) & Art (Ed Norton) Carney-(l9l8-2003) have given my more laughs then anyone in history! (TRIVIA: Jackie's idols were Jack 0akie & Oliver Hardy & Art's pal (*Cagney) was his




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4 hours ago, CaveGirl said:

The best victims have heads the shape of a Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, a lot like Baby Leroy's.

Does yours match up?

I have no idea. The two references are unknown to me but no matter since I have never had a clear idea as to the shape of my head. Not even mirrors help. If I could leave my body and then pretend I'm a statue, I could could examine my head like a sculptor might after having created a magnificent work of art.

Actually, I am probably guilty of busting chops. I was complimenting you on your success in inducing me (and presumably a few others) to look it up the name.  I try to avoid emojis if possible but sometimes I push it. I might have used a ;) or a :D or even a :ph34r: to prevent the perception that I was being a wiseacre (which I wasn't).


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17 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

Odd(maybe not) that HAROLD LlOYD and ABBOTT and COSTELLO were left out of your mix.  

But then it is difficult to make some choices.  


To Sepiatone, I absolutely adore A & C, but even more so the duo's marvelous & short-lived tv series from (l952-54)  Not as much as their pictures though, except of course the duo's A #1 from '48 "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" (Universal)


& personally most historians always rank *G. Burns as #1 all-time finest straight man, close, but for me it William (Bud) Abbott!




& you of all know the famous story of Lloyd blowing off 2 of his fingers during  a stunt, another I mostly watch in amazement, but not 4 laughs   (TRIVIA?FUN/FAX: Once saw a TCM special on the true & then still living stuntmen of these comedic giants & they said Harold had one, but none ever heard of a stunt double for Buster)



& LOOK FAST AT WHATUS MOVIEGOERS & FANS HAVE TODAY ON THE COMEDIC FRONT: Jack Black, Chris Tucker, Pauly Shore, Zach Galafinakis, Russell Brandt & more???)

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7 hours ago, Gershwin fan said:

I agree with most of your choices but would include Harold Lloyd and Max Linder too.

Linder actually fell of a train while I think he was either boarding or boarding.  Many still cite him over "The Little Tramp"

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