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11 hours ago, hamradio said:

Never seen an EF5 before (as one called in  the movie Twister "the finger of God")? 

r/NatureIsFuckingLit - 🔥 EF5 tornado that hit my city yesterday evening 🔥 Thicc boi



I've lived in Tornado Alley (within 50 miles of the Red River on either side) for half a century, and I've never seen or been in a tornado.  Have experienced plenty of warnings (usually at least one a year), but never have actually experienced one, thankfully.

I dread hail storms more.  They are more frequent than tornadic storms and can do a lot of damage.

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1 hour ago, SansFin said:



That was the easy way to wipe those floppies but had to re format them afterwards.

My Color Computer command was (for the first drive) DSKINI0

Rarely use the 5 1/4 for IBM compatibles but still have disk cases full of them for the Color.


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CNN back then was non bias and had a better format.  Repeat main news every 2 hours, use to watch the 10 and 12 oclock airings.  I miss Patrick Emory, Linda Soles and Don Carson (meteorologist).  Love how Emory and Carson teased each other, after nearly 4 decades still remembered the joke Carson made about Emory playing tennis....Who said beached whales can't play tennis? :lol:

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First to the Top of the World - North Pole.

The greatest expedition nearly forgotten by history.

Confirmed - verified! April 19 ,1968   Evidence shows Peary could not had reached it as claimed. The National Geographic Society still sticks to their "hero".  Ralph Plasited turn down their request for an official interview because how the  NGS treated him!






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On 6/1/2022 at 10:57 AM, JakeHolman said:

I'd be willing to bet there are some not at all like E.T. Universal struggle ...


Some will be happy if there are 4 worlds with microbial life.

IF there are any alien civilizations, they will be under the same laws of physics we are. The Voyager probes shows the cosmic rays are through the roof outside out solar system and near light speed travel (if possible) still will take thousands of years to get from point A to B.  Must take into account, there must be slow acceleration / deceleration or one be crushed by g forces, (by the way could solve the 1g humans need to stay healthy. ) Science do not solve all problems even thou the arrogance of Star Trek try to convince us otherwise.

Sci fy try to cheat nature with anti gravity, make a million ton mothership hover with no effort or take little to propel it. 

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