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Scientist will never crack how the first living cells were created. Oh "things came together". 

Need to throw this in, scientist talk about transpermia bringing life to Earth.  So how did those cells got started? There must be a beginning.

We have found Mars rocks on Earth and don't forget the reverse can happen, a collision with Earth could send fragments to Mars which can contain microbes.  Could stay in suspended animation to be confused with Mars starting life on it's own.

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26 minutes ago, JakeHolman said:




Lack of evidence for significant historical climate impacts

Sloan & Wolfendale (2013) examined the influence of cosmic rays on the climate over the past billion years. They found that changes in the galactic cosmic ray intensity are too small to account for significant climate changes on Earth. This was also the conclusion of Feng & Bailer-Jones (2013).


The Voyager probes revealed the heliosphere deflects the majority of cosmic rays.  Too few (thank God) that gets though have little impact on us.

Voyager still keeps giving us vital data even after over 40 years in space.


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One thing that stands out with the discoveries made by the Kepler Space Telescope is like snowflakes, no 2 planets / systems are alike.

Want an Earth 2.0, find the 2nd identical snowflake.




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Watching "Ice Pilots" on the Weather Channel.  Can't help to be in awe regarding the DC-3 first introduced in 1935.  Testament to the early engineers at Douglas.  Most definitely the most rugged, reliable, versatile aircraft ever made.

Can't beat old school.




First one to take flight December 17, 1935


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