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Watched "Rise of The Superbombs"  (2018) on the History Channel.  Seems that we have part of the Stars Wars defense system in place.  

Would have put a smile on Reagan.

Watch the exact moment a ‘kill vehicle’ takes out a mock ballistic missile


From Raytheon



Works like this..



Need to get me one of those for the 4th of July. :D


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This segment "Rise of The Superbombs" was prophesied, can understand why John had a hard time putting it into words.

Revelation 9:9

And they ("locust") had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle.

Micro Swarm Drone Technology.



In the concept stage Robotic Fly.




Yeah leftist / atheist, laugh while this technology is being developed.  Careful, don't get stung.


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ISS might be 'split' into segments in just a few years as part of private business takeover

The head of NASA says the International Space Station (ISS) might not exist in its current form in 2025 and instead be divided into components, some of which could be dumped completely. The plan is a part of a privatization bid.

Newly-approved NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said that the days of the ISS being a unique platform of broad multilateral cooperation in space might be numbered. He claimed that NASA is currently exploring a “range of options,” one of which will see the ISS fractured.

“Maybe it gets split into a number of different components. Some of it could be de-orbited,” Bridenstine, who was confirmed for the post in a narrow vote in April, said as cited by the New York Times.

While the agency has not come to any particular conclusion on what to do with the ISS, its overhaul was “put on steroids” by US President Donald Trump’s ambitious budget proposal in February, he said. The proposal envisions ending direct budget funding for the ISS by 2025 and organizing its takeover by private companies, including SpaceX and Blue Origin.


The Trump administration’s plan to turn the ISS into a kind of a space lab for cutting-edge private companies has come under fire as being unrealistic. Even Trump’s Republican backers, like Senator Ted Cruz, who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Science, Space and Competitiveness, made a case against privatization, calling the Office of Management and Budget “numbskulls” for trying to defund the ISS.

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32 minutes ago, JakeHolman said:



Again people trying to identify an animal at a distance. It's either a malnourished dog or bear.  Can't watch video because your link wants cookies - no way.


There was a HOAX before of a dog / human hybrid.



Turns  out Bigfoot / Yeti's are bears - yep they can walk. And that famous footage was also a hoax.

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