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These guys went to the Area 51 event. What I expected to occur happened - it just turned into a giant party with bonfires and music. Most of the people just kept there apparently and didn't actually go to the boundary point.


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1 hour ago, JakeHolman said:



The replicants in Bladerunner are like the augments in Star Trek i.e. Khan. It's the sci-fi justifiable fear of man trying to create a "better human" though genetic engineering that backfires. Tampering with nature whitch creates Frankensteins.  The clones in Star Wars uses genetic engineering to create obedient soldiers with no human rights - cannon fodder.

What does an animatronic store dummy has to do with it? (basically that's what that female robot is :lol:)

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28 minutes ago, JakeHolman said:


Donald Trump would’ve allowed Vladimir Putin to set up the missiles in Cuba, doing all his bidding, American safety be dammmmnnned!  That is what he has been doing in his nearly three years in the WH, to pay back the help in the 2016 election, and possibly to avoid the blackmail information from coming out.

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