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12 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

Next to slavery, the Confederacy was the biggest mistake in American history.

Today the Confederacy is the biggest embarrassment in American history, next to slavery.


A lot of countries were involved with slavery.



Even by their own fellow Africans!


Excerpt..Sharing the guilt for slavery may be disturbing and painful for Africans, but researchers say their objective is clear.


Many to share in the embarrassment!


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2 hours ago, JakeHolman said:



My first Windows OP was version 3.0.  Proved even the experts WRONG claiming one can not get 3.0 to multitask in Real mode on a 7.5 MHZ 8088 computer. Got the version to run several window applications along with the "Intermission" screen saver. Even gave it Startup.



Tandy 1000HX


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A nearly forgotten record format...Edison's Diamond Disc.  This is how he got around the Victor's 78 rpm patents.

diamond disc plays at 80 rpm, the needle vibrates up and down (groove is depth modulated). Music recorded on one side only and is much thicker.



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