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We are developing transmedium technology (craft which can go in and out of the water)

Learning this from "Black Files Declassified".



According to BFC, the Cormorant was supposedly shut down before it went black.




Top secret UAV where the Navy wasn't told to test it's capability?



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Can just see some thousand years from now a society wondering why we bury people in metal boxes because of some hangup over decomp just to become a disgusting, moldy, gooey mess.

By the way they're not resting....THEY'RE DEAD!


Sorry can't sugar coat the truth.


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The pyramids might disappear within one-hundred-thousand years because of ground water intrusions weakening the stone and it succumbing to acid rain and other erosive factors. Archaeologists of that time would have only images which show them to be basically piles of blocks. It is quite possible that example of concrete burial vaults might survive to that time. Archaeologists might surmise that the pyramids were built of such vaults and that millions of the deceased were piled around the pharaoh to accompany him in the afterlife.

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France 24

Is Picasso being cancelled?

Paris (AFP) – Pablo Picasso's track-record with women certainly would not make him a feminist pin-up today.


There were two wives, at least six mistresses and countless lovers -- with a tendency to abandon women when they became ill, a voracious appetite for prostitutes, and some eye-popping age differences (his second wife was 27 when he married her at 79).

Read more >> Is Picasso being cancelled? (france24.com)

No icon is safe from the Marxists

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1 hour ago, JakeHolman said:



Best butterfly effect movie, how the smallest event can effect history.

What's not factored in is history was changed regardless (producers couldn't see it).  the time delay in her dying and McCoy / Kirk's INTERACTION with the public altered the timeline.  


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In 1944, Picasso joined the French Communist Party. He attended the 1948 World Congress of Intellectuals in Defense of Peace in Poland, and in 1950 received the Stalin Peace Prize from the Soviet government. Party criticism in 1953 of his portrait of Stalin as insufficiently realistic cooled Picasso's interest in Soviet politics, though he remained a loyal member of the Communist Party until his death. His dealer, D-H. Kahnweiler, a socialist, termed Picasso's communism "sentimental" rather than political, saying "He has never read a line of Karl Marx, nor of Engels of course." In a 1945 interview with Jerome Seckler, Picasso stated: "I am a Communist and my painting is Communist painting. ... But if I were a shoemaker, Royalist or Communist or anything else, I would not necessarily hammer my shoes in a special way to show my politics." His commitment to communism, common among continental intellectuals and artists at the time, has long been the subject of some controversy; a notable demonstration thereof was a quote commonly attributed to Salvador Dalí (with whom Picasso had a rather strained relationship

Picasso es pintor, yo también; [...] Picasso es español, yo también; Picasso es comunista, yo tampoco.
(Picasso is a painter, so am I; [...] Picasso is a Spaniard, so am I; Picasso is a communist, neither am I.)
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Been watching this on the History Channel



Comprised of 8 episodes.  question ...any / all  of the 8 suppose to bring in the end of the world along with the antichrist.  So is this a "pick your flavor" of how the world will end?

(there's a countdown clock in all of them  :blink:)

Nostradamus, make up your mind,  WHICH will end the world!  Is this one of those  if you don't succeed, try and try again?  :lol:

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