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*A to Z of actresses and actors*:)


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Kelly, Gene ;)


Yayy!!! I bet y'all weren't expecting that were ya? Haha.

Well, I will name 2. My fave musical is Singin' In the Rain. And fave non-musical is The Three Musketeers. But I also really enjoyed Inherit the Wind. A very different role for him, but he played it well.


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L - Jack Lemmon - So, so versatile!! - It is hard to name my favorites - ok, I'll try. :)


The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, Days of Wine & Roses, Prisoner of Second Avenue,

The Odd Couple, Mister Roberts, and The Great Race

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> {quote:title=rainingviolets21 wrote:}{quote}

> Monroe, Marilyn - blonde bombshell that rocketed to stardom in 1952, only to commit suicide




..........She didn't commit suicide.....She was MURDERED.....by the Kennedys! (jk)



N......Novak, Kim.....Great in "Vertigo" (didn't like Jimmy though!)


N......Norma Shearer......Fav "The Women"


I refuse to conform to the "last names" thing!!!!! LOL!

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O'Brien, Margaret ~ child actress, considered a genius by some, stole the movie Meet Me In St' Louis with her stunning performance as Tootie, showing her morbid side by being fascinated

by death ie; killing her dolls and giving them a proper buriel, her film credits include the child in

Jane Eyre, (complete with french accent) and the creepy child in Unfinished Dance opening the trap door to allow a dancer to fall and injure herself ..she also played Amy in Little Women,

her finest performance which gave her a superb death scene...



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> {quote:title=Bargar wrote:}{quote}

> P - Gregory Peck






O.....O'Hara, Maureen. Great Actress who always gave amazing performances.


O.....Olivier, Laurence. AMAZING actor who is one of the greatest. And also probably THE greatest Shakespearean actor ever!

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Quinn, Anthony - superb actor who excelled in every aspect of the great variety of roles given him

watch him as the heavy in City for Conquest, then later in Zorba the Greek or as Paul Gaugan

in Lust for Life what impresses most is his longivity and his versitility...and underscored in all his performances was a verile manliness that gave his acting extra punch...

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As she said, she did everything Fred Astaire did, only in high heels & backwards. Loved those



Also, her non-dancing roles such as "Kitty Foyle", "Bachelor Mother", "Stage Door"

(a little dancing), "Tender Comrade", "Magnificent Doll", "Once Upon A Honeymoon"

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Smith, Alexis ---Warner star from the forties, seen with Errol Flynn in many westerns and

with Cary Grant in Night and Day..went to Broadway in the seventies and burned up the stage in

Follies..tall and elegant, she earned her way as a screen icon and beauty, although she is often overlooked when the lists of BESTS are written...

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