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The Visit


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I know it's a Fox movie, but the Fox Movie Channel are airing [*The Visit*|http://justacineast.blogspot.com/2008/04/friedrich-drrenmatt.html], a 1964 movie version of the play by Swiss playwright Friedrich D?rrenmatt, tomorrow at noon ET.


The basic plot of the play is that wealthy Ingrid Bergman returns to the town (now destitute) where she grew up. She'll give them a large sum of money, but under one condition: they have to change their constitution to make the death penalty legal again, and then try and convict poor Anthony Quinn for having knocked her up years earlier, forcing her to leave town.


Bergman and Quinn both do fine jobs, although the movie looks like it's lacking something, leaving it falling short of being truly great, and just a very good movie. Well worth watching.

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Now that I presume that it was already shown...lol

For better or worse, I don't receive the Fox Movie Channel, but this post brought back memories.

I'm not sure if I've heard of this movie since I saw it when it was first broadcast on network tv, but I remember it fairly well, and still have a copy of the play.

So many movies of the '60's seemed intent on turning older actresses into harridans and harpies.

Considering the subject matter, maybe this one was too, but I felt far more sympathy for the Bergman than the Quinn character. If I'd seen this before the Tony Perkins birthday run Friday, I would have tried to sit through Goodbye Again (again).(I also have fond memories of Irina Demick. but had forgotten she was even in The Visit).

The Pledge (2001), Sean Penn's movie with Jack Nicholson, was based on a Durrenmatt novel. The director of The Visit, Bernhard Wicki also directed Morituri with Marlon Brando the following year and did the German parts of The Longest Day (1962).

(Anyone wondering where I come up with this stuff, no I don't have a photographic memory, I just check out Wikipedia or IMDb).

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