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Westward The Women...An Enduring Favorite!

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I am an absolute newbie to the site, but a life-long lover of classic film. I have recently relocated to an area that airs TCM, and believe me, not having the channel for over 4 years while living where it did not broadcast truly lowered my quality of life (smile).


Westward The Women is one of my all-time favorite films, and I believe it is the perfect 'hybrid' film across several genres. I am not typically a Western fan, but this is a great exception because it also manages to be a wonderful 'women's' picture as they use to call it, as well. For years I have hoped it would be released on VHS/DVD...or at least see it air again. If any of you dear readers/viewers no anything more on this front, please let me know!


Look forward to connecting with other classic film afficianados!


Be well -

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Welcome, Jeannette! I'm a fan of westerns and I have come to really like this unique movie. I also particularly like Robert Taylor in westerns, I think the genre suited him somehow, at least in his maturity.


I hope it comes to dvd myself.


I posted a couple of images from WWTW in my Western Gallery (in the Westerns genre forum here), including this one:



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Hope you saw this on the schedule tonight, Jeanette J. I think others have been requesting it too.

I'd meant to find the original thread here earlier.

Coming up in just over an hour, at *11:45 Eastern time, 8:45 Pacific*

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I watched this film for the first time the other night when it aired, and I really loved it. Robert Taylor was great, and so were all the women, I thought.


I also thought it was interesting - Robert Osbourne said that they had a week or so of 'classes' for those women so that they all learned how to shoot and change a wagon wheel, etc. They really learned how do do all that stuff, apparently, for the film! Certainly made it more authentic!

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Bummer...no. I missed that. I turned it off after Robert Osbourne's closing remarks.


But based on what he said, it sounded like the cast got put through the paces...and really could do everything they were shown doing in the film!

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WESTWARD THE WOMEN doesn't need a remake imo, and certainly not with Sharon Stone. I wish she'd just marry one of those billionaires she's always going after, and retire from the movie profession. She'd be doing me a great favor.


I loved this movie. Weren't Robert Taylor and Denise Darcel a hot couple? Wasn't "Patience" (Hope Emerson) a nautical delight? Didn't you love the Ford-ish touches? And weren't you spurred on by John McIntire's "take 'em to my valley"? Could anyone not be moved by the poignancy of the "roll call" of the dead women? Or the tragedy of the Italian widow?


George Chandler: 'WOMEN! WOMEN! WOMEN!"


This is one of Wellman's most underrated movies, and a terrific Western!


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