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rosemary's baby


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Normally I hate movies where the character talks to herself but it works somehow in this movie. Ever wonder if little hollywood elves edit the movies when nobody is watching? An awful lot of movies show signs of tampering.

I bought a vhs of rosemary's baby around 1990 & it was missing some scenes. Bet you're wondering what was cut. I will tell you but first - I called Paramount Home Video & asked them why they sent me a cut movie. They were very nice & told me to send it back & I did & got an uncut version. Anyway the missing scenes: there are 4.

1. after rosemary wakes up


some of the scene was cut -

Guy: "Whats the matter?"...

Rosemary: "nothing" .....

Guy: "I didn't want to miss the night."

Rosemary: "last night wasn't the only split second..."

2. After Hutch leaves

Guy: "that was a nice surprise..."

Rosemary: "guess what he said...I look terrible"

Guy: "good old Hutch, spreading cheer wherever he goes...he is a professional crepe hanger..."

Rosemary: "He isn't a professional crepe hanger."

Guy: "one of the top ranking amateurs."

3. Rosemary goes to meet Hutch at the Radio City. cut

the phone call to Hutch is not cut but after she finds out he's in a coma

4. Rosemary walks & runs into Minnie

Minnie: "Well this is what I call the long arm of coincidence!......I said to myself, "As long as Rosemary's out, I might as well go out & do the last bit of Christmas shopping." ....and here you are & here I am!"........Why, what's the matter, dear?....do you feel alright, Rosemary?.......you poor thing...you know what I think?...I think we ought to be going home now, what do you say?"

Rosemary: "no no you have to finish your Christmas shopping."

Minnie: "Oh shoot .... there's two more weeks yet...."


somebody told me the names of the characters are hints at real life people. Hutch is Hitch. & Grace Cardiff is Grace Kelly... etc.


On the TCM version, the color is normal but on the home video version the scene with the devil is tinted red. At the very end on the movie, Rosemary looks out the window.... on the home video version you see a curtain & the string of a pull down shade. on the TCM version the curtain & string are missing.

little elves. what would we do without them?

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That commonly happens. I like when it happens in reverse, that is the home video has more then the threatrical release. 2 good examples is "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind - Special Edition" and "Terminator 2 Judgment Day - Special Edition" The Terminator 2 video has an additional 16 min added to it. Great.


Directors sometimes do different shots and its up to the film editor how to put the pieces together. Editied versions are required for Network and Family channels and you get a slightly different movie.


When my CED disc player went on the fritz all the movie replacements are DVD's and ALL are different from the CED version. Its more common then you think.


It sometimes even SOUND different.

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What I didn't tell you in the previous post... the tape Paramount Home Video sent me as a replacement had a white label & said "studio copy" - see at that time Paramount had never issued a complete version for the public to buy. back then people were not familiar with the movie. they must have sold hundreds of thousands of the cut version. I was the only person who noticed it was cut & they sent me their only studio copy! The only way I found out what was cut was thru a book which had a detailed synopsis. " The Cinema of Roman Polanski" by ivan butler.

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I've been thinking abt posting the following since last night. Please understand I didn't want to start a political thing at all.


Whenever I see Barbara Boxer on cspan, she reminds me of a combination of Minnie Castavet (Ruth Gordon in Rosemary's Baby) and Uriah Heep (as played by Roland Young in David Copperfield), twisting her little sausage fingers like Roland and facial expressions so reminiscent of Minnie.

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"well, this is what I call the long arm of coincidence!" ..... the pope is visiting here today.

in the movie it was said: " The pope never visits a city where the newspapers are on strike. well thats show biz! You don't need to respect him just because he pretends he's holy. good point. when I think what they spend on robes & jewels. Look its the pope at yankee stadium! Christ what a mob! it'd be a great location for my yamaha commercial."


I see exactly what you mean RB is very political. it has everything to do with jfk being bumped. at that time it was not talked about.

I just want to say TCM showed the best version ever seen since 1968.

& what I said about the window....in the home video version they show the curtain & the string for the pull down shade & it dissolves ..... the thing is when the girl Terry went out the window, it was mentioned she jumped but actualy the coven threw her out. & taped a note to the window with a bandaid. The castevets were out walking conveniently which gives them an alibi & also seals the suicide in the minds of the cops. the window at the end means Rosemary will meet a similar fate as she now knows too much & can't be trusted. They removed the dissolve. just wanted to clear that up.

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