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?Wuthering Heights?


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?Wuthering Heights?


They don?t make ?em like they used to.... because they can?t, because they don?t have people like this making them:



William Wyler



Emily Bront?

Charles MacArthur

Ben Hecht

John Huston



Gregg Toland (he also photographed Citizen Kane and Grapes of Wrath)



Alfred Newman



Samuel Goldwyn


Art Direction:

James Basevi



Merle Oberon

Laurence Olivier

David Niven

Flora Robson

Donald Crisp

Geraldine Fitzgerald

Cecil Kellaway

Leo G. Carroll

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I'll second that, Fred. I especially liked what Trebek said about Hecht and MacArthur on the screenplay. I've never read the book, so don't know how much it differs. I'll confess I didn't even recognize the younger Kellaway and Carroll. Just knew it was them from the credits. And I've got to see more Geraldine Fitzgerald movies.

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i watched it as well yesterday and i just thought everything about this movie was done well...everything again from a-z..it was shot soooo beautifully! And i just loved that moment when she said..... "But Ellen, i am Heathcliff! And then the thunder outside right after she said it and then she dahes out after him!! Wonderful....and i looooved Olivier in it..so much PASSION!


So as usual i do agree with u again my good freind Fred!....heehee





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Thanks for this post! The acting ensemble is matchless. The direction on the mark.

The black & white photography is perfect. The starkness of Wuthering Heights

against the brightness of the Linton Mansion. Altogether, SUPERB!!!

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