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movie I would like to see _ cann't remember title Only the story line


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SiFi movie of the 50's believe 1 of the stars was Richard Carlson . Story line I remember well > goes like this . Space ship goes off course , crash lands

on earth yrs ahead of time or it may have been mars but anyway way into the future . dewellers above hedious cave like men/women. They find way to undergound civilization more advanced but docile & weak ( men at least ) .

The space crew tries to organize group to retake the land . Build guns & rocket launcher . have problems with one jealous councile member. Win

right to persue the task & Richard Carlson fights the one eyed leader & happy ever after the community re joins with the good surface survivors & all is well . They teach , build & multiply . Ya he gets the girl ( from civilization that dwelled below ) . NAME That movie


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Dragonslayer - The title you are looking for sounds very much like *FLIGHT TO MARS* which I have not seen on the telly in probably 20+ years. Don't reacall who was in it at all. As I recall, one female member of the underground society escapes Mars with the Earth crew. I remember her being a tall brunette who wore a short dark brown dress similar to the ladies' uniforms in the original STAR TREK.



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Nope ! Got the low down from another member _ Got the Movie also ( World without End _ w/Hugh Marlowe & Nancy Gates ) But SiFi Station ( the only known source reproducing this movie) copy sucked . Poor Quality _ so beware of this site for Quality . Yes; they Have some movies you won't find on the market ; however I 'll wait until Turner puts out a copy before purchases from SiFi . PS Thanks anyway.

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