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A movie similar to the Thin Man series. Anyone know the name?


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A few months ago, I saw an old black and white movie that was very similar to the Thin Man series. I can?t remember the name of the film or the actors. I think it took place in New York, the man lived in a plush apartment and I think he had a butler. Some sort of message was delivered to him or someone gave it to him, I think he placed it under some papers on this desk. He got a call on the phone from a man pretending to be someone else and wanted him to meet him. While he was out, the man that made the phone call broke in his apartment looking for the papers but did not find them. Of course, someone was murdered, not sure who it was and the mystery began. At some point the man?s ex-wife showed up at his apartment with a lot of luggage and with the intent of staying for awhile. The two of them were on good terms and still in love. She became involved in the mystery just like Nora Charles in the Thin Man series. At the end of the move, they got back together.


I know this is a long shot, but does this sound familiar to anyone?


Can anyone suggest any other classic movies that were similar to the Thin Man series?


Thanks for any help

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Sounds like THE EX-MRS. BRADFORD from 1936, with William Powell and Jean Arthur.


A similar film would be 1935's STAR OF MIDNIGHT, with Powell and Ginger Rogers.


A few other films starring husband and wife sleuthing teams would be:


A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (1943) with Brian Aherne and Loretta Young;


The following films, with husband-and-wife sleuths Bill & Sally Reardon:


THERE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN (1938) with Melvyn Douglas & Joan Blondell;

THERE'S THAT WOMAN AGAIN (1939) with Melvyn Douglas & Virginia Bruce;


The following three films, with different actors playing husband-and-wife-sleuths Joel & Garda Sloane:


FAST COMPANY (1938) with Florence Rice & Melvyn Douglas;

FAST AND LOOSE (1939) with Rosalind Russell & Robert Montgomery;

FAST AND FURIOUS (1939) with Ann Sothern & Franchot Tone.


These should be enough to get you started.

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Thanks all for the suggestions; they all look like excellent movies. Unfortunately, I don?t think the one I am looking for is among them. If anyone thinks of any other movies that sound like the little that I gave you to go on, please post. Also, any other old mystery film recommendation would be appreciated. I?ll be keeping an eye out.


Thanks again for the help

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A suggestion: One possibility I do not see mentioned.


Google the title Mr.& Mrs. North. I remember it being on radio when I was grammer school

age. I've spotted references to a background in novels, a stage play and a movie. I think I may

have seen a couple of TV episodes when I was high school age. That may be the one you have in



Good luck.

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