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Seeking copy of Hollywood Revuew of 1929


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With respect, your friends are just being naive and stupid! They have no idea what they are missing! Their loss! And I don't "got a love em either!" Let them watch their idiotic insect eating reality shows if this is what passes for quality entertainment now days???

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Forgive my outburst! I had just spent four hours straight working on a program on my computer. Just before I could save the changes, the software froze up, and I lost everything! I was pretty upset! I nearly had the proto-type finished, and I had been working on it for at least a week!


I had no cause to insult your friends, but I really do believe that for the past 15 years or more, our current generation has been raised mostly on crap, and somehow has been conditioned to think that's it's good???

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Hey Gagman...

That's alright...If 'Like Minds' cant't 'Vent' once in awhile, on this thread,

then where can they ??

I'm sorry to hear about your losing your Program that you've been working

on...I kept getting 'kick out' of mine, before I was able to successfully

sign on.

Hope all will soon be in order. . .Good Luck !!


Ugaarte : )

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In response to gagman66 and thelma todd I have to say that there is a wide age range of audience for old movies. I attended Film Forum in NYC in July 2005 and again in December 2006 as they were having a precode film festival. In 7/05 it was a festival of Paramount pre-codes and in 12/06 it was a film festival of Fox pre codes. Both times I attended I was amazed at the wide age range of viewers in the audience. There was everything from high school teenagers to college students to people in all decades (20's, 30's, 40's 50's, etc.) all the way to people in their seventies and possibly 80's. It was so great to see all the conversing before the movies and during intermissions. There was no "generation gap"; everyone was talking and laughing and enjoying the nostalgia.

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One of the best (and most important) things that we can do as lovers of film is to buy the DVDs of silent and classic films.


I know in this economy dollars are tight and too many of us are trying to make ends meet.


I know it is easier and cheaper to tivo a film available on DVD or tape it off TCM or buy it off Ebay than it is to buy it through official channels.


But the up-side to buying it through official channels is the number of DVDs sold (be it singles, doubles or boxed set) through official channels mean something to the Home Video Departments of Studios.


Kevin Brownlow told us during his stay with us at the [silver Screen Oasis|www.silverscreenoasis.com] that the numbers for silent films and early talkies sold is a miniscule amount, I believe the number he cited was 20,000 or less.


Home Video Departments can sell 10x that amount (or more) of boxed sets of television series and modern films.


The reason WBros trots out new versions of *Wizard of Oz* and *Gone with the Wind* every few years is because of the number of DVDs they can sell. Well-known titles always get the attention.


If we want more films from the silent era and the classic studio era released on DVD, we have to be willing to support those endeavors by buying the DVDs.

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And the sad thing, lz, is that 20,000 number is likely continually decreasing. I do buy these officially released sets. I especially like them with commentary from a historian. One of the real 'gems' out there is James Whales "Old Dark House", with a commentary by Gloria Stuart. Not many of those left. I agree they hear money.

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Requesting film on dvd at one's local library will also help the industry flourish and sustain interest in silent/classic movies and this vast lending network shouldn't be underestimated.


But is has to be said that the production companies could find creative ways to advertise and distribute films from the era that invented the publicity machine. I say, I say, there's gold in them thar hills and waiting for governments to legislate against copyright infringement is just too passive. One or two precedent setting examples will be worth the legal costs involved...Go get 'em!


By the way, Mary Pickford's *Stella Maris* is again available and its supplemental material is wonderful, worth the wait! Also Valentino's *The Cobra.* Yay.

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honey...What a Surprise !!

I just got back from lunch, openned the Message Board,

to find 'Dessert'....Very Tasty !!


Oh the Colors & letterings on these music sheets are Awesome.

I'd love to get some for myself, just to wallpaper them all over

my room & have visitors feast their eyes on them.....


Of course I'll have to have a piano & have someone play some

of these tunes for my guest....along w/ celery & olives, or whatever

they served in those golden years. . .


Thank you so much for Sharing.



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To accompany the sheet music for Wedding of the Painted Doll.Here is the actual number from 1929's Broadway Melody:

[Wedding of the Painted Doll|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R5DB9hu5fY]


And an excerpt from a short comedy film made starring dogs parodying the Broadway Melody:

[Excerpt from Dogway Melody|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II1BkpX03-M]

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