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Seeking copy of Hollywood Revuew of 1929

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Thelma. . . .

These Sheet Music are just out of this world. Thank you so much for displaying them

and sharing them with all of us.

Would you, or anyone else, happen to have a Sheet Music for the 'Golddiggers of 1935' ?

-My Ultimate favorite of all the Bugsby Berkley's dance sequels... (Youtube)

I first watched this when I was 6 or 7 - & the vision of all this glamor & steady, rythmic

tapping overwelmed me immensley & has been stamped into my 'psyche' forever.

Oh those Dancers !!!!. . . .And the angling of the camera, along w/ the light & dark shadows of the elongated background, created such a depth,....and those steps leading nowhere & everywhere,....Add to this, the lone, dining area elevated w/ Dick Powell & his companion, to view the vibrancy of the dancers. I believe that the 3 gentlemen, who do their tap dancing number, which was filmed underneath as well, are the same 3 gentlemen who do their tap dancing number atop of 3 barrels, in the filim clip, "Beer & Pretzels" w/ Ted Healy & the 3 Stooges (Youtube).....


"....When a Broadway Baby says Goodnite,,,, It''s Early in the Mornin'. .. " : D


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There is an original recording of SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE from Raoul Walsh THE RED DANCE with Farrell, and Del Rio on Youtube someplace, I saw it last week! I will try to find the links. This is not a lost film, I have a copy of DVD-R! The print is not very good though. Hopefully, Fox has nice copies in the vault?



Last night, I watched the first half of Howard Hawks infamous production of FAZIL (Fox, 1928) also with Charles Farrell. I never do this, but it was late and I had to go back to bed. I always watch Silent's from Start to finish. Watching them interrupted is just no good.


Anyway, I had heard tell that this film was just awful! Even Kevin Brownlow said that it was "no good at all!" A mockery of Valentino! But after hearing the incredible NEAPOLITAN NIGHTS song from the picture, (which apparently became a big standard), I was determined to see this movie! I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I just loved the first half of the film! And Greta Nissen was a real knockout! Forget Garbo! At least in the first half I did not see where Farrell's character was attempting to mimic Rudy in any way?


Man what I would do for a good print of this film! It's odd because the Movie-tone score still sounds great, but the print, and more importantly the recording in combination was sub-par at best. I sure hope that Fox has this well perserved in the vaults someplace?


I'll finish the movie tonight. I know that it ends horrifically, but I have really enjoyed what I have seen thus far. I'll look for a recording of NEAPOLITAN NIGHTS as well. I think I saw one posted?

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OK, here are some links to some major, major tunes! I did not find the song from THE RED DANCE yet, but I did find NEAPOLITN KNIGHTS! Plus two versions of ANGELIA MIA from Frank Borzage's STREET ANGEL (1928)! Some of the most romantic music ever recorded!






ANGELA MIA-Scrappy Lambert-From STREET ANGEL-1928




ANGELA MIA-James Melton-From STREET ANGEL-1928




I'll keep looking for others. Incidentally, how do I post graphics here? I can do it on other forums, but this is a different set up? People have tried to explain to me before, but I never got very far with this?

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Thelma, Everyone,


I found it! Here it is, SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE! This recording is by Nat Shlkret Orchestra in 1928. It does not list the name of the vocalist?




Now I am looking for good recording's of JEANNINE, I DREAM OF LILAC TIME from LILAC TIME (1928), and DIANE from SEVENTH HEAVEN. Not to mention LITTLE MOTHER from FOUR SONS, and of course CHARMAINE from WHAT PRICE GLORY? I have them in my computer, but I can't post those files.

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I come here this morning and find your post- to me it is like graffitti on the wall. Coming from a person who is new to these message boards, I would overlook it. Looking at the number and extent of you past posts, many of which deal with silent film, I would expect more and better from you. For a person of your calibre to write here for no other reason than to say the thread is lame, reflects more upon you than the thread.


Should I discontinue? Should I destroy the originals? Do they matter? Perhaps there is somewhere else we should be posting? This thread is the result of collective effort, and some people beside myself have spent a lot of time and effort to dig up material.


Because of the historical content. I will archive these exhibits and discussion, or see to it being done in a number of ways. Whatever people post here, is how they will be remembered.


Why not rise to the occasion and comment on some of these films we've been digging up?






*This is the one post I will not delete, as a rebuke and challenge to the person to whom it was addressed. Let "drednm" take over and show us some leadership. Give us the pictures, videos and music, give us the purpose and objectives that I have outlined, and show us how it is done.*

*Words are cheap, show some action.*


*This lame thread should be a lot less so minus my contributions.*


*Thelma Todd*





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The color fashion show youtube video is from "It's A Great Life". I've never seen this entire film, but the youtube poster said it starred the Duncan Sisters and Lawrence Gray. The only film from 1929 that all three were in was "It's A Great Life", so that's my educated guess.

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The color fashion show is definitely from "It's a Great Life" (1929). TCM aired this film back in February 1996. When it aired on TCM the "Sailing on a Sunbeam" sequence was missing from the film. Ironically enough the "Sailing on a Sunbeam" sequence has aired separately as a filler between films on TCM!

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Good Morning, Thelma. . . .


What an Exceptional "Treat", to go along with my toast & coffee, this morning. . .


Thank you, Thank you so much, for a Copy of Your Sheet Music for "Golddiggers of 1935",


and the "Youtube" presentation....WOW !!!, if my java didn't do it, This Dancing did !!!


Thanks again, for coming through, ....and, Oh yes, & moving forward, I'll try to remember to


adhere to the '1920's' Era, too. . . . .


Thanks again, Thelma : )

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The youtube clip featuring the song "Mona" is from the 1929 Fox film "Happy Days". The wild and jazzy song (Snake Hips) is also from "Happy Days" (as an aside "Happy Days" was originally filmed in Grandeur (a wide screen process similar to cinemascope).

The Roof Garden Party number is from "Tanned Legs" (1929)..which has aired on TCM.

The peppy dance number in technicolor is the "Wild, Wild Rose" sequence from "Sally" (1929) which features Marilyn Miller.

And the jazzy show finale is from "The Show of Shows" (1929.) It was originally in technicolor.

TCM has aired both "Sally" and "Show of Shows" many years ago.

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