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tcm forum protocol help, pls


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pls, how can i turn off the emails I'm getting from this forum.


I love the Forum but not all the emails. I've hit the 'no' box for the

messages but am still getting a ton of emails.


thanks, mt9

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Study the emails and see if they are actually intended for you, If they are request that the sender no longer sends you emails. If it does not cease then file a complaint to the TCM Administrator


If the email appears not to be intended for your mailbox then it might be a type of system crosslink bug. Ebay has this same sort of bug, I sometimes get other peoples "Ask Seller a Question" that was not originally intended for me to receive. I never reply to those.


Your recent post suggest that no one really has a reason to email you directly since it was a forum question.


I hope this helps.

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Did you click on the watch this thread icon? If so, then anytime someone posts to that thread you will get an email notifying you.


To turn it off go to your control panel under your name in the right hand corner and click on Your watches.


Be sure *both* questions are marked no.


If the problem persists, the best thing to do is send a PM to the WebAdmin or create a thread in the Techinical Forum so that the WebAdmin knows you are having a problem.

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*"I've hit the 'no' box for the messages but am still getting a ton of emails."*


Hello 'mt9' -


I am guessing you are referring to the preferences set through the Control Panel accessed through the icon on the right side of the page when you're logged-in. If not, write back and we can walk you through that process. Or see here -



When did you "hit the "No" box"? Today? If so, it is possible that the "change" to your preferences won't be implemented until overnight tonight. Certain processes are executed just once a day - like emptying the deleted messages folder in one's Private Message mailbox. It is possible that the changes you have made to your "watched thread" lists won't take effect until tomorrow.


But if you made these changes yesterday - or earlier - I am not sure why you would still be receiving the messages as emails. Maybe someone else has abetter idea.


Kyle In Hollywood

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