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Vote for the MOST beautiful actress!

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Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder but also what is beauty. Most actresses are pretty. The list of pretty and cute actresses would be endless. June Allyson, Doris Day and Terri Garr were very cute and pretty usually cast as the wife for example. Being a guy that was a teen in the 1960s and 1970s, these are some actresses that I thought were sexy. Of course MARILYN MONROE and JAYNE MANSFIELD were of the 1950s. KATY JURADO was very sexy in the 1950s and ANNA MAGNANI was sexy in an earthy and not amazingly beautiful way. NANCY KWAN was sexy in the 1950s as was CARA WILLIAMS. AVA GARDNER was very sexy as was ELIZABETH TAYLOR into the 1960s and 1970s. MELINA MERCOURI and ANNE BANCROFT had sex appeal. SUE ANN LANGDON and ELAINE DEVRY were both sexy. BARBARA STREISAND and ANN MARGARET could both be very sexy. SYLVIA MILES in the late 60s and early 70s was sexy. Two James Bond women that I thought were very sexy were LUCIANNA PALUZZI and BARBARA CARRERA . SONIA BRAGA is very sexy. .....So I've tried to throw some names out there, some more famous than others. There are alot of pretty actresses but I thought these I mentioned had that something extra. Again, some are not the most beautiful actresses ever but in their own way they were sexy on film. I also tried to add some non white American women to the list and mix the list up a little bit. Considering the sexy actresses of Europe, Asia and South America, they were easy to add to the list. I also didn't focus on just youth because I think Hollywood is wrong that only youth is beauty. Streisand was no teenager in the 1970s films but she was sexy. Its hard to argue that Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor and Ann Margaret looked great as they got older and proved maybe Hollywood goes too much on youth. The problem is I can't decide which one on my list is the most beautiful. As I say, there have been a million beautiful actresses and this was a fun thread. It would be interesting to see how the woman would answer most handsome actors and I bet they wouldn't all be beefcakes, just as my list of woman isn't all the poster girls Hollywood has tried to sell us.


......This was a fun thread and my list is my opinion only. I know I've left some actresses off, but the list must end somewhere. You can't blame me too much for looking at sex appeal when discussing Holywood actresses because I'm sure the studios were thinking about it.


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Greta Garbo (she is in the Guiness Book of Records as being the most beautiful woman who ever lived) Her features were perfect, according to all beauty authorities, her face was measured and was perfectly symetrical and could be photographed from all angles, she had no bad angles according to all who photographed her, dah, how come she is not number # 1


Incidentally, she is rated the No 1 beauty of the screen of all time, and Elizabeth Taylor is noted as being the second most beautiful on the screen


Not to mention Garbo's acting...............well that is another story!

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I am still amazed .. AMAZED, I tell you ... that Sophia Loren did not make anyone's list. We can debate over who is no. 1, but to omit her from the discussion? How is this possible? My girlfriend saw Sophia in a Columbus Day Parade in NYC many years ago, and said Sophia had the most beautiful skin she'd ever seen.

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johnbabe - every time there is a thread on screen beauties, you say the

same thing about Garbo being in the Guiness book of Records as the most

beautiful woman who ever lived, and I doubt anyone ever measured her face

as I own the Guiness book of Records would you mind telling me what page

that is on ? Look - we all have our favorites and since beauty is in the eye of

the beholder, when you see Garbo it's touching you find her the most beautiful

but don't try to back it up with nonsense about it being proven, not many people

will buy that, simply because it can't be proven..but I'm sure Miss Garbo is

smiling at your adoration, she loved her fans...

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With Halloween upon us, I might add that Carolyn Jones and Angelica Huston looked great as Mortica Addams and the Elviras looked pretty good....but then again most woman look pretty good in that black silk vampire costume. Anyway, thats my extra Halloween additions. Oh yeah, Kim Novak in Bell, Book and Candle.

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(In no particular order)


"The Lost Weekend"


"Dial M For Murder"


"The Major And The Minor"


"The Big Clock"


"The Girl On The Red Velvet Swing"


"Easy Living"


There are others, but I just can't think right now (my sisters getting married tomorrow, and I'm maid of honor!)


Maybe you can remind me of some good ones.

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I hope you all had a lovely time at your sister's wedding:D


LOST WEEKEND is Milland's signature film. He was absolutely brillant. Also enjoyed his performances in THE MAJOR & THE MINOR & DIAL M FOR MURDER (even though, Grace Kelly & Robert Cummings annoyed me to no end).


I also enjoyed Milland's performance in GOLD starring Roger Moore & Susannah York.

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my dear, they did indeed measure her face it is pictured with the measurements in several books on Ms. G......it is a well know fact, duh, that her features were perfect, and her facial bone structure was what made it so, not to m ention her eyes.............................she is in Guiness Book of Records for her face, nicknamed also The Face, The Face of the Century, the Ice Princess, et. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////sharpen up your knowledge of beauty, my friend!

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Sorry, I can't agree with Garbo either. Although I am a fan, I have at least 15 to 20 other Silent film actresses rated ahead of her in terms of looks. And quite a few in terms of talent as well. I know lots of people that are crazy mad over Garbo, but I just don't see it. She could be extremely attractive at times, and somewhat frumpy at others. That's just the way that I feel.


And the Silent Stars in general are not getting anywhere near enough credit and attention here. Corinne Griffith, Jacqueline Logan, Esther Ralston, Betty Bronson, Laura La Plante, Marion Davies, Etc. These ladies rank with the great beauties of any era, including the 40's and 50's! Not one of you has mentioned them so far. Also remember that Pancake make-up that really helped to make so many of the great beauties of that era look so good, hadn't even been invented yet during the 1920's. Taking that in to account some of these girls would have looked almost mind-bogglingly beautiful had it been!

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> {quote:title=zooty10 wrote:}{quote}

> I hope you all had a lovely time at your sister's wedding:D


Why thank you I did!


> LOST WEEKEND is Milland's signature film. He was absolutely brillant. Also enjoyed his performances in THE MAJOR & THE MINOR & DIAL M FOR MURDER (even though, Grace Kelly & Robert Cummings annoyed me to no end).


I actually adore Grace (3rd fave actress), but I understand about Bob Cummings! SO ANNOYING! He always sounded like he had a cold and that annoyed me. He couldn't really act and that annoyed me. But, he was perfect up against Ray, because everyone ended up rooting for him, even though he was the murderer!


> I also enjoyed Milland's performance in GOLD starring Roger Moore & Susannah York.


I would love to see that! Sadly I can't get TCM where I live, so I have rely on my Library for most of my films. And they don't have tons that I wished they had, or they are not out on DVD.

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There were many great screen beauties which graced the cinema. To my mind Garbo is the supreme beauty, mostly beause she attained the status of what we may call an ideal of beauty. She was not just considered the most beautiful woman of her time (the 1920s and 1930s) but above all she symbolized beauty as an idea and as an ideal. If you look closely you will find numerous articles written by film critics, intelluctuals, poets, philosophers and film lovers in every country of the world paying tribute to Garbo's beauty (her Face as an ideal of beauty) which could touch audiences all over the world. She was Beauty phsysically and metaphorically and her beauty and look had such an impact on movie audiences, as well as her colleagues which was never equalled. I think we can safely say that other actresses with all their extraordinary physical beauty liike Heddy Lamarr never attained that status as a universal status of beauty. Besides what I personally love about Garbo's beauty is thaat it is a beauty which has a soul, an extraordinay spiritual and diversified beauty: sometimes she looks like a beautiful young girl of 18 (as in "The single standard), with an ambiguous masculine touch (as in "Queen Christina"), the ultimate romantic 19th century beauty in "Camille", a modern youthful tragic beauty of the 20s in "Woman of Affairs", an art deco style figure in "The Kiss", a sensuaous femme fatale in "Flesh and the Devil" and I could go on and on. Other people may have their preferences regarding what we may call the greatest screen beauty of all times, but for me at least no one can touch Garbo.

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