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Rosalind Russell is the Star of the Month, so that will be very enjoyable. I like the Big Band in the movies theme running throughout, looks like some interesting shorts there. And the Americana theme for July 4th is a pleaser: The Music Man, 1776, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and On the Town.


I haven't seen The Count of Monte Cristo in a long time, so this will be fun. And a night of Hume Cronyn, great. Plus, a night of the 100th anniversary of the FBI, but, aww, no The FBI Story.


A month I look forward to seeing.

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TCM is showing *Casablanca* and *North by Northwest* in July... wow, who could have seen that coming?


Seriously, I am glad to see *The Glass Slipper* (1955) in the schedule, but why is it not advertised as a Letterboxed title?

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The highlights I see, doing a quick run-through:


George Sanders on the 3d, although I wouldn't mind seeing *Foreign Correspondent* again

*On Borrowed Time* -- maybe people will stop asking about "that movie where Death corners somebody in a tree". :-)

Elissa Landi in *The Count of Monte Cristo*

*Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round* -- it's not very good, but I've been wanting to recommend it since it's got *Rose Marie* in it

A repeat airing of *Skidoo*

*Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows* -- yeah, it sucks eggs, but I have a thing for those bad generation gap movies

Did anybody notice the French Revolution movies on Bastille Day?

*The Man From Planet X* -- you can't help but love movies made on a $2.79 budget

*Man in the Vault*

TCM got the rights from Fox to show *Three Came Home*?? And they're putting it on a Monday afternoon??

Alfred Hitchcock's *Number Seventeen*


Kyle will be thrilled that *All About Eve* is airing at a reasonable time for folks like him on the weird coast; also, *The Killer Shrews* is airing at a reasonable time.

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*"Kyle will be thrilled that All About Eve is airing at a reasonable time for folks like him on the weird coast..."* - Fedya


You noticed! Yes. That was very thoughtful of the Programming Staff. (Thanks you guys.)


I also noticed the French Revolution films but wasn't sure if it was Bastille Day. (I was gonna ask Minya. But she is probably distracted by all the Pirate movies in July.)


I like the "Big Bands" event - especially the programming of an hour or more of Big Band / Jazz short films to top off the evening. What a great idea. (Make a point of catching "Jammin' The Blues". It is a very influential musical short.)


There are some interesting pairings of films for the Elvis Mitchell series. I think we can discern some of the guests "influences". Sydney Pollack and *Tootsie* is understandable. Even Laurence Fishburne and *A Patch Of Blue* But it looks like there are fun conversations ahead with Bill Murray and *A Night At The Opera* and Quentin Tarrantino with *The Marrying Kind*. That last one caught me off guard. George Cukor, Aldo Ray and Judy Holliday? Nothing "Grindhouse" about that.


Kyle In Hollywood

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A couple of very interesting Rosalind Russell films....

July 2nd

10:45 AM EST Guilt of Janet Ames, The (1947)

A hard-drinking reporter tries to help the embittered widow of the soldier who had saved his life during the war. Cast: Rosalind Russell, Melvyn Douglas, Sid Caesar. Dir: Henry Levin. BW-83 mins,


8th 8:00 PM EST Craig's Wife (1936)

A woman puts her beautiful house ahead of her family. Cast: Rosalind Russell, John Boles, Billie Burke. Dir: Dorothy Arzner. BW-73 mins,


I saw Guilt of Janet Ames many years ago, not like any other film!~

Never seen this version of Craig's Wife, just the later Joan Crawford remake...

Hope the schedule doesn't change like the June one has....

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Apart from the fact that they've finally dusted off ATLANTIS, THE LOST CONTINENT, it's pretty much the saaaaame old stuff.


The very presence of a brick like THE AMBASSADOR'S DAUGHTER (again!) shows that the clueless programmers are still flying on autopilot.

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I'm also looking forward to the Lee Marvin version of Monte Walsh, which likely has never been broadcast letterboxed. I've seen it in two different VHS incarnations, and the picture quality was horrible (on top of the full-screen transfer).


July 21 offers a few Columbia rarities, including another Fred Sears effort.


There are public-domain copies of Three Came Home floating about. FMC runs the film with the Fox fanfare at the beginning, TCM without it.

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Here are my two picks for July... Two really rare Paramount titles....


See my Jeopardy question at the bottom -



*10:00 PM Las Vegas Nights (1941)*


A vaudeville act tries to turn a broken-down house into a posh nightclub. Cast: Constance Moore, Bert Wheeler, Phil Regan. Dir: Ralph Murphy. BW-90 mins


*A very early appearance of Frank Sinatra and a rare solo appearance of Bert Wheeler after the death of Robert Woolsey...*


*Rhythm Romance (1939)*


A carnival con artist tries to ride his girlfriend's singing talents to the big time. Cast: Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, Una Merkel. Dir: George Archainbaud. BW-65 mins


*Orginally titled "Some Like It Hot (1939)"*



Which two movies will most likely get pulled before July?




Message was edited by: yanceycravat

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Thanks for pointing out *Las Vegas Nights* .


I hope it doesn't get pulled. Besides being one the first glimpses of Sinatra on screen, parts of the film were also shot in downtown Las Vegas. In 1940!


I have wanted to see this film for the last few years.


Hoping, hoping, hoping....


Message was edited by: lzcutter

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"Seriously, I am glad to see The Glass Slipper (1955) in the schedule, but why is it not advertised as a Letterboxed title?"


Thanks for sharing that very exciting news about GLASS SLIPPER. I will finally be able to ditch a Beta copy I made years ago. :) I keep hoping it will turn up in an MGM musical DVD set; it's a title not many people are familiar with, but it's a delightful movie.

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Hi Kyle-


Well, although I will be amply distracted by any and all Pirate movies, I want to say that that-yes, all the French Revolution movies are because July 14th is in fact, Bastille Day.


Be sure to take time that day, to raise a glass of red and shout "Vive La France!!". Also, eat a Napoleon-they're good. :)

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Did someone get inside my head? It's a month of movies made just for me!!!


Four's A Crowd? You Can't Take It With You? Reckless?Psycho? Rear Window?


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Casablanca, Battle For Algiers, all of the Paris movies, all the Pirate movies, Postman Always Rings Twice, Thin Man, Auntie Mame...Son of Godzilla???? There are too many too count!!! I'm in heaven! Plus I am quite interested in the Elvis Mitchell stuff.


Plus, I shall raise a glass to my father, currently out hiking the Appalachian Trail, when A Thousand Clowns shows-one of his all time favorite movies.

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Wow! TCM Programmer! You might want to check out the programming staff, and see if their eyes are glazed over with that 50's/60's happy juice, wow!!! There are daytime blocks of nothing but pretty much every daytime in July, and that, IMO, is outta control!

I can't join the gush-fest for July expressed by others here. I bit my tongue for a bit, but what the heck, I feel like I need to represent, man!! It's like those of us who like the 30's are an under-represented minority here! Yep, there's some good stuff, and stuff I'm interested in during the month. And yep, I understand that we're looking at time moving on here and we're going to see more 50's/60's and later films more often on TCM. And yep, I understand that the recent licence of post-1950 Paramount films has something to do with that too. But good golly miss molly, where are my 1930's films?? I mean c'mon, this is just TOO much, man! There are more 30's films in primetime than there are during their typical "wee hours of the morning" slot.

I have asked before, and I will ask again, for a block from 6am-10am for nothing but 30's. Can we please, please, please have something like that on weekdays?? Please!

With August looming and the Summer Under The Stars, you can bet there will be LOTS more 50's and later films showing up all over the schedule, including those coveted wee hours slots. I understand that. But jeez, with that coming up, how come we don't see more 30's films in July?? Very little of the 40's B films I love so much too. Why? Even on kinda bad months (and by bad I mean a lack of a lot of 30's/40's and B films) there are SOME going on. I think there is really only ONE day the entire month of daytime block of 30's films, and those have been shown a lot, and then the G-Man films that Prince Saliano said will probably get axed, and yeah, most likely I agree. I'm REALLY hoping that September is better! I'm hoping!

There is a very good thread here where folks are appealing for a month-long feature of 1920's talkie films, and I'm REALLY hoping that gets followed up on! And if you're able to get those pre-1950 Paramounts and Universals that I know you're working on, that will certainly help, I'm going to keep the faith on that!

And please, can we lay off that 50's/60's juice? I mean the 50's had that cool thing going on, and the 60's were free love and everything, but man the 30's and 40's are where it's at!

Sorry if I offended anyone, I just felt like I had to speak up.

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