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Correction - Buddy Epson was not poisoned by paint

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His lungs became coated with flecks from the makeup he wore as The Tin Man which almost suffocated him. The makeup was altered to prevent Jack Haley, Sr. from suffering the same fate.

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Yeah, another little Oz boo-boo I noticed in one of the modules is that it says Margaret Hamilton was burned filming the melting scene. She was actually burned during her exit from Munchkinland. There was a trap door she would stand on, and the smoke and flames would billow out from under it as she descended. The take used in the movie wasn't meant to be the final one because it was flubbed - you actually see her start to descend before the smoke and flames come up. Considering she didn't want to go anywhere near any other stunts, they were stuck with that one take. Her fear of doing anything else actually saved her from another accident when her stunt double's broom exploded during the "Surrender Dorothy" shot. 

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6 hours ago, markhn said:

Sorry, that should have been Ebsen, not Epson.

Yeah.  Buddy Epson was a friendly printer who couldn't dance a lick.  Sure could produce spiffy looking spreadsheets, though.

Just kidding, markhn. Thanks for the explanation. 

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On 6/9/2018 at 11:49 AM, GLSkipper said:

A similar problem happened in the Making of "Gold Finger".  They had to leave some key areas unpainted so skin could breathe.

It is true that when Shirley Eaton was painted for Goldfinger, they did leave her partially unpainted so her skin could breathe. However, this was unnecessary. People do not breathe through their skin. So, unless Ms. Eaton was an insect, she should have been alright.

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