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Bringing Up Baby: Looks like we need another George


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I think this is a tricky one. I recently watched one of my old favorites, Bringing Up Baby (1938), and noticed something quite disturbing in a scene featuring the dog George.


I assume that the studio used a few different dogs for the role of George ? as seems to be common practice; different animals with different temperaments depending on the scene.


If you watch the first few scenes featuring George, you will notice that he is generally white from side-to-side. However, in the scene where Katharine Hepburn?s and Cary Grant?s characters discover George and the leopard "playing" in the woods (after the two slide down the embankment) you will see that the dog in this scene appears to have serious wounds on its left side. In fact, you can almost make-out its ribcage.


I'm not with PETA or anything, I just found it a disturbing discovery that a dog may have been intentionally pitted against a leopard for the benefit of the film. Given the time, this wouldn't come as a surprise.


Thank you


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