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How is it that Debbie Reynolds never won an Academy Award? She was a triple threat. She wasn’t even given a Kennedy Center Award. How did Oprah get that award and Debbie didn’t? No other actress at that time could have the performed Good Morning with Gene and Debbie. I love The Singing Nun and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Of course she was the best Tammy. Do you have a favorite Debbie movie?


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My favorite Reynold's film is STILL Singin' in the Rain. As a youth I could never understand how she seemed so savvy and alert a character in Singin' in the Rain, and then so utterly naive as Tammy. I could not process it. NOW I can. Considering Singing in the Rain has outlasted many of those movies, talents like her, Anne Miller, Donald O'Conner seemed almost shortchanged to me, because the studio system for musicals etc. seemed to be petering out for some reason and these few persons I mentioned here among so many others were shortchanged due to rambling musical scripts (possibly due to McCarthyism), and changing moral tastes in the late 50's and early 60's. I truly enjoyed her in Molly Brown...she carried that show to the max as well....a True talent.... 

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23 hours ago, MarkH said:

She did receive the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014, and the 

Academy Awards Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2015.


41 minutes ago, Kathie2 said:

My favorite Debbie film is "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."   Belly up to the bar boys!  Debbie was a treasure.  

When she won the Jean Hersholt I don’t think she came up on the stage. Did she get the AFI. Inwill have to look.


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Debbie Reynolds received an Honorary Academy Award in 1916. Unfortunately for some reason, she was not physically able to be there in person to receive it. 


She won a Screen Actors Life Achievement Award and was just barely there to receive it thanks to the help of her family members who had to make sure she was physically able to make it on stage. 

I think she had Alzheimers or something towards the end of her life but she had a good run of life achievement awards. I don't know what a Kennedy Honors is but was she supposed to receive one too?

I have a few favorite Debbie Reynold films 

1. Sing in the Rain: She was in that sweet spot in her career where she was too young and innocent to know she was making history, she just did it like she had been in movies for decades, she didn't think about it. If she thought about how much of a big deal it was, she wouldn't have been as good or would have just dropped out of it. 

2. The Catered Affairs: She played the daughter of Bette Davis and that's not easy to do. Should have won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress or been nominated at the very least. I think Golden Globe said they liked her. 

3. The Rat Race: She played a woman and she had a job. It was a job where she had to dance with men in a nightclub and she slept with Tony Curtis in the same apartment even though they weren't married. This was a step up from that other movie Tami where she slept with a goat and didn't know what a hot dog was. 

4. The Unsinkable Molly Brown: She learned to read and write in the movie. She worked as a barmaid a few weeks later when she ran away from her dad and then married a man who owned a lot of gold. She then moved to Europe for a few months and told those old broads off 12 months later. She deserved an Academy Award for Best Actress but lost to a wooden nanny that had zero flaws. 

5. Divorcing Americans: She was married to Dick Van Dye for 20 minutes in the movie which is pretty much the max limit someone can be married to him before they need psychology. Then decided to divorce him and dated the Van Johnson guy from MGM but she told her best friend the anatomy was too small. She was brainwashed by a magician and pretended to be a coffee machine. She deserved at least a Golden Golden nod or Academy Award nod.

Those are my choices. She was a great actress, I wish people knew her more than the little girl in Sing in the Rain. 

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