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New tcm Website?

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First, my latest WatchTCM experience... 
I wanted to watch The Night Visitor (East Coast) and clickety-click, it wouldn't play.  ok. ??  I click the West Coast feed, it works. Multiple times I try East, then West, refresh page, sign out/in... same results.  So I figure I might catch it later on the West Coast feed, IF I'm still awake.  I watch a couple movies on West feed... it's time for The Night Visitor... I get something to eat, come back, Night Visitor is playing.  For some stupid reason, I decide to refresh the screen. It goes back to Watch Live, showing both West and East selectors.  NOW, click the Night Visitor on the West Coast feed and it will -not- play... but East plays (I didn't want to watch The Singing Marine).  Sigh.

Anyway, Stephan... I was born in (the Territory of) Alaska... been there a long time. I like hiking out of town, on the mountainside. After several decades, you decide that SIX MONTH Winter isn't so great.  Oct 15th, the snow sticks, doesn't melt... stays there until tax day or longer into May. Tired of the bitter cold/wind, and... dark winter ...and sloppy 'break up' in 'Spring' (dirty melt from road chemicals/gravel and splashing from huge mud puddles/lakes). Having visited the west coast, east coast (briefly), driven around Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons (heard that story), and stayed awhile in Idaho... I decided I liked having a variety of vegetation (not just swamp spruce, alders, birch ...no fruit trees, etc) and actually four real seasons. And I had a friend in Idaho to stay with. Eventually, I'd like to have a small retirement place in the "Lower 48", and a small place in Alaska for summers... but my small town northern Idaho venture isn't working out, for now, and I have a little more time to work yet, so I'll be back to Alaska for awhile. And I wasn't bothered by mosquitoes in Idaho either, although there's probably a lot more insect life and somewhere there's snakes (none in Alaska, except maybe the 'panhandle')… but I like being warm.  I find there's a lot of people who grow up in one environment or mental outlook... and as they age, they switch to the opposite in environment or outlook. I like variety, the spice of life.

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**** - all of a sudden starting two days ago, 90% of the movies I try to watcg on Watch TCM just show a pop-up that says something like "Sorry, this content is not available at this time.  Watch something else."  Well if I wanted to watch "seomthing else" I'd have clicked on that in the first place.  How about fixing your stupid broken app, TCM?

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