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Sergeants 3 (1962)

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If you go in without high expectations but hoping to enjoy a Rat Pack homage to *Gunga Din* , you'll be okay.


While it ain't no *Din* , it is enjoyable as I recall. Of course, I haven't seen it in over 25 years so I could be wrong.

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I agree


just enjoy it ,


not having seen it in so long, but remembering that I enjoyed it a lot,


I'm looking forward to it

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Well I got to see it and taped it.


I seem to feel that I enjoyed it alot more when I was younger.


I still enjoyed watching it, It probably would have been more enjoyable if i watched it with other fans of the RAT PACK.


My kids aren't into my old films and Sci-fi's.


On to the next Lost Movie

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Hey Cris:


I know what you mean.


Don't get me wrong. I liked the movie and I'm glad it's available again after so many years, but I remember watching it on TV with my father in the 60s. It did seem more fun then for me, too.

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I have yet to see this movie, but I have walked the ground where some of it was filmed in a place called Paria. It's far off the paved highway, but a really neat outpost to look at. It's been destroyed by floods and vandal's fire, but some really dedicated preservists have always re-built it to look like it did when Sergeant's 3 was filmed there (not to mention a scene or two in "The Outlaw Josey Wales.")


Goggle Paria Western Movie Set for some pics and location.

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Finally watched it, and it was pretty fun, although like others have pointed out, it's nowhere near as good as the film that inspired it - Gunga Din - and Sammy Davis Jr. can't possibly compare to the original character, played in the 1939 original by Sam Jaffe.


Having said that, I found Henry Silva to be entertaining as the main bad guy, a Native American who couldn't be further from the smooth-talking casino employee he had earlier played in Ocean's Eleven.


However as far as "Rat Pack" movies go, I think this is more of a true western than 4 for Texas

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