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democracy, free speech, civility, protest?

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Cyclist caught on video attacking teens posting Floyd flyers arrested

................The park police arrested Anthony Brennan III, 60, of Kensington, Md., according to a Friday statement. He has been charged with three counts of second-degree assault.

On Monday, video spread widely on social media of a man attacking a group of three teenagers on the Capital Crescent Trail in Montgomery County, Md. Police said Brennan began to argue with the group, which included two women and one man, about the flyers and “forcibly grabbed the flyers from one of the victims,” according to the Friday statement.

“Before leaving the scene, the suspect pushed his bicycle towards the male victim and caused him to fall to the ground,” the statement continued..........


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New York City cop may be criminally charged for shoving woman at George Floyd protest, report says




NYPD cop who shoved woman to pavement in viral video during George Floyd protests expected to be arrested Tuesday: sources



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The far-right boogaloo movement, aka “boogaloo bois” aka “boojahideen” — is perhaps the most dangerous group that, until the past week or so, most Americans had never heard of, writes .===========================================

How the Far-Right Boogaloo Movement Is Trying to Hijack Anti-Racist Protests for a Race War

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8 minutes ago, mr6666 said:


Unfortunately all of these demonstrations reinforce Trump's and the Republicans' position that mask, social distancing, etc. are not really needed now.

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Black personal trainer carries suspected far-right protester to safety

Protests have erupted across British cities and around the world after George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25.


......He told British Channel 4 News on Sunday it was a "scary" scene. "It was pretty hectic, it was almost like a stampede.

"...The guys went in there, they sort of put a little cordon around him to stop him receiving any more physical harm. His life was under threat.

"So I just went under, scooped him up and put him on my shoulders and sort of started marching towards the police with him whilst all the guys were surrounding me and protecting me and the guy I had on my shoulder.".....


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Here is a CNN article related to Facebook;    


One thing it calls for is that Facebook set up a non-partisan group:   

Facebook should respond by working with other social networks to create a nonpartisan organization to set standards for policing content on all major platforms. 

Ah, there is no such thing as a nonpartisan organization,  since humans are partisan so I assume the author means a group with an equal number of partisans,  but in today's times that would just lead to no decisions.    Even if they could agree on this 'set of standards',  who would enforce \ apply them?   Humans,  and again,  they are partisan.    I.e. there is no way any standards would be applied 'equally'.   




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Protesters tear down statues of Union general Ulysses S. Grant, national anthem lyricist Francis Scott Key

'>........While Grant is widely celebrated as being one of the leading forces who helped the Union win the Civil War, bringing an end to slavery in the U.S., some historians have pointed to his complicated relationship with slavery.

"Grant did in fact own a man named William Jones for about a year on the eve of the Civil War," Sean Kane, interpretations and programs specialist at the American Civil War Museum, said in an article. "In 1859, Grant either bought or was given the 35-year-old Jones, who was in Grant’s service until he freed him before the start of the War."

Kane also noted that Grant married into a slaveholding family that owned dozens of slaves.

After Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter, Grant wrote his father, an abolitionist, saying, “My inclination is to whip the rebellion into submission, preserving all Constitutional rights. If it cannot be whipped any other way than through a war against slavery, let it come to that legitimately. If it is necessary that slavery should fall that the Republic may continue its existence, let slavery go.”..........


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A Florida sheriff issued a strongly-worded warning to anyone who may be considering violently protesting in his county,
saying he would "deputize" the county's lawful gun owners for help.
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