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Piano Piece in Jeremy Irons short


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I recently saw a short in between films that featured Jeremy Irons reading the D.H. Lawrence poem "When I went to the Film".


There was a piano piece that went along with this short and I'm looking for its name.


Can anyone help me?


Also, if anyone has a link to a site that has the full poem I would appreciate it.


Thanks for the help.



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Not sure about the piano piece....I would have to hear the short again.


I believe the following is the full poem Jeremy Iron's recites....







When I went to the film, and saw all the black-and-white feelings that

nobody felt,

and heard the audience sighing and sobbing with all the emotions they

none of them felt,

and saw them cuddling with rising passions they none of them for a

moment felt,

and caught them moaning from close-up kisses, black-and-white kisses

that could not be felt,

It was like being in heaven, which I am sure has a white atmosphere

upon which shadows of people, pure personalities

are cast in black and white, and move

in flat ecstasy, supremely unfelt,

and heavenly.


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Thank you very much for the info.


I could post a .wav file of a section of the narration. Do you think you could identify the name of the piece that way?


It's really bugging me-- I've heard this piece before and I can't place it. I'm sure it would be recognizable to anyone who knows their piano music.


If you or anyone falls into this category, just let me know where to send or post the file.






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I have the .wav file-- its only a partial because I didn't record the whole short.


I will e mail it to anyone interested in helping identify, or post on a common board or newsgroup that allows attachments.


Just tell me where or give me the address.





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