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*Fred wrote..."Hey, did you know that ?The Day the Earth Stood Still? is a parable about Jesus?"*


yeah, I noticed that when I first saw it as a kid. It's one of the things that's always really annoyed me about that movie. When it comes to Christ figures, I'll stick with Jake on this one. "What we have here is a failure to communicate" pretty much sums up a lot of things. And Cool Hand Luke seems so much more human than Klaatu, which I thought was supposed to be part of the point.


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*Seven Days in May is based on President Kennedy and the General Edwin A. Walker case. I met Walker back in the ?60s and the ?80s. Strange guy.*


Had to check that out, Fred.




At least Oswald seems like he was an equal opportunity assasin.

I especially like the part about Walker being arrested for fondling an undercover police officer. Reminds me of an old Lenny Bruce routine.

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>Had to check that out, Fred.


I was there. I met some of the primary characters back in those days. I was in the news business back then.


In the very early ?60s, Walker started distributing John Birch Society anti-Communist literature among the troops he commanded in Germany, and the Communists in Europe started a propaganda campaign against him. Seems they thought he might try to start a war with Russia without Presidential permission.


Kennedy resigned him and took his command away, and he resigned and began a speaking tour around the US, during which he insinuating that Kennedy was a Communist. He had lot of influence among some of his old military buddies, who were still in the US military, and who didn?t like the new liberal Kennedy, or the fact that we lost Cuba to the Russians.


Around ?61 or ?62, the US Senate held hearings about the Walker/Kennedy situation regarding Germany. In late 1962 Walker turned up on the campus of the University of Mississippi late at night during a right-wing anti-integration riot. I covered the riot that night for one of the networks, but I didn?t see Walker. A young AP reporter saw and heard Walker and reported that he had given a speech promoting the riot, so the next day Kennedy had him arrested and charged with sedition and insurrection.


That made him mad.


In the meantime, the unknown leftist crackpot, Oswald, had returned from his brief ?defection? to Russia, and he and Walker wound up living in Dallas at the same time. Oswald believed this country needed a ?revolution? and he thought he could start one by killing Walker, which was supposed to cause the right-wingers to rise up in revolt, after which the government, the liberals, and the left would defeat them in a shooting revolution. But Oswald missed his shot.


Oh, what to do, what to do?


So.... I?ll tell the rest of that story later.


Anyway, the novel and the movie ?Seven Days in May? were both based, roughly, on Walker and how he had become an important US General and a right-wing crackpot who was capable of plotting against the government and the President, and of course there was some concern that Walker could have instigated other US Generals to revolt and organize a coup against the Kennedy administration.


Wow, those were exciting days.

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The crazy general in "Dr. Strangelove" was also based on the Walker character.


Of course, Walker had never actually gone that far, and even his turning up at the riot in '62, in which about 200 armed **** were firing live ammunition on about 150 US Marshals, who were firing tear gas from the university's administration building, even that was not anywhere near a "coup" on Walker's part.


However, the news and controversy around him back in those days, and coming hard and fast for about three years straight, starting with the stuff in Germany when he was in charge of our troops, gave a number of writers a whole new idea... "a modern military coup in America" ! Wow, what a story! So that's how Walker became the archetype character for the "crazy American general" who "tries to start WW III". (The same character appeared in the movie "Spies Like Us".)

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Are there any plans to resurrect TCM? I was going through the guide and at 3:45 is "Wild Cargo" (1934) - program description, Frank Buck shoots a python, catches a cobra, enters a tiger pit and watches a python squeeze a leopard.


OK - the point is?

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That was a bit cursory on my part, ham. Check out Fred and scsu's postings on Older films..




Frank Buck was big stuff back in the day, in US popular culture and in the movies. I remember reading a comics adaptation of *Bring 'Em Back Alive* when I was young, long after his heyday. I imagine many read the original books and saw movies in which he was involved. The quintessential Great White Hunter.

and the point is...uh, not sure..

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*"wonder if TCM ever shows Seven Days in May."*

*Yes ... and it's clearly based on the Genesis creation story.*


Okay, we need a day to day comparison due at the start of class tomorrow.

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