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He was a famous old theatrical documentary maker. He was the prototype for Carl Denham in King Kong and Trader Horn, and most of the other jungle/safari movies. But he was a real guy.

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*This thread has dispatched with political bickering in favor of pleasant conversation and curious monkey videos. What went wrong?*


The thread has undergone a natural evolution or was directed by an intelligent design, possibly an unnatural devolution or a not-so-intelligent decline.

In any case, that's where the monkeys came in.

I'm sure it'll get back to the political bickering soon.

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What he likes to do is wait until there is a nice thread going about a classic movie, then he likes to jump in, mess it up, and take it over with his leftist rants and lectures.

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Words, terms, images banned from public school textbooks:




Photograph Rules:


No churches, adult theaters/bookstores, bars, or liquor stores in the background. (HSV)

No holiday decorations. (HSV)

Healthy meals only. (HSV)

Dogs and cats should not be on the furniture. (HSV)

Do not portray dead animals. (AEP)

Do not show a man with his hands in his pockets (sexual innuendo). (AEP)

Do not show someone wearing a cap backwards (gang symbol). (AEP)

Do not show a person with sweat (sexual innuendo). (AEP)

Do not portray scantily clad people, even in paintings or sculptures. (AEP)

Do not show a rainbow in a photograph (gay agenda). (AEP)

Do not portray a cows's udder (sexual innuendo). (AEP)

Do not portray poverty, especially in poor regions. (AEP)

Do not show women cooking (stereotype). (AEP)

Do not portray junk food, such as hot dogs. (AEP)

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I'll tell you'all where I stand, hopefully not a novella, but here go's.

I was anti authoritarian as a younger man, extremely rebellious. I guess I joined the USMC to turn the Marine Corps into a bunch of pot smoking peacenicks. Didn't quite work out that way. :-).

I still am left of center, probably considerably on some issues, not so on others. My thing is this...

Nafta is basically "wealth redistribution" throughout North and South America. It may be a given that it has to take place to compete with Europe, but as the "top dog" in the chain, common sense says our standard of living has to "level down" to bring the rest up.

But, and this is just how it seems to me.....tax shelters were afforded the big corporate entities under the assumption that they would "trickle down"...ie, create jobs here in the states to stabilize the international transfer.

IDEALIZED, laizze-faire capitalism at it's best. However, GREED, or "cynical laizze-faire at it's worst", ruled the day, shipped out jobs for cheap labor, in order to maximize profit. Using the US as a "buyers pool" while "trickling down" in China and so forth. Long story short, if people ain't working here, their money to buy will eventually run out, and the dollar devalues. We see some evidence of this now, but I suppose it could turn around. Wealthy people won't feel it, the "uber rich" will actually profit on it, and the middle class and below....hahahaha, "Baton Down The Hatches!"

And I believe both parties are complicit. The Dem/Reps both know it, and just eventually take care of those who finance them, ie, those with money. Donate $500,000, get a tax benefit of $3,000,000 over 4 years. Boy, I'd like to buy a few of those bonds!

In the Presidential run-off, two, and only TWO Candidates addressed this issue. Ron Paul and John Edwards. And they were both marginalized by their own parties, and (particularly in fact) as the media, which is mostly owned by ten or so very wealthy corporations. To me it all stinks to high heaven. I don't think you have to be a genius to see it.

My solution? We need about four parties in this country, not two "all inclusive". I mean for God Sakes, Born agains and White Supremicists, both Republicans?

Socialists and pro-choice? Wheres the common denominator? We only have two choices. The world has gotten complicated. That may have been good enough before the industrial revolution, but I don't believe so anymore.

I think Obama is sincere, but is in over his head, and wouldn't be able to wrestle Washington.

And I think both Hillary and McCain have a dose of Neoconservatism in them, and that scares me too.

And both of them being career political players, they both have enough pragmatism to say whatever it takes to grab the power.

And BTW, I don't see the "I'll do what I feel is right, party be damned" McCain of 2000. He's become a player.

OK. Fire away. I did start this thread, after all.

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Yeah, everytime I see a photograph of someone sweating, I have carnal thoughts ... like when you see the mist coming off the head of a bald offensive lineman ...

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If it is, in fact, an argument. I firmly believe both parties are jointly ruling the biggest business of all.

The Federal govt, Big Business, and mass media. Operating as one entity, or close to it.

That is actually a "textbook definition" of a type of government. I don't think we are quite there yet, but we sure are flirting with it........

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