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I'm really glad to see 5 Againest the House on the schedule. I'm also happy to see Pulp, They Only Kill Their Masters, The Notorious Landlady, Nightmare, and many many more. August is a really great month in my opinion.

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Looks like 'Summer Under the Stars" is pretty good this year.

They finally added Richard Widmark, Claude Rains and Jack Palance,Chaplan and Laurel & Hardy.

Time to stay indoors.....





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That's *32* Stan and Ollie films. I was hoping they would schedule some short films and they came through. Thanks TCM.


The rest of the schedule looks pretty good but I don't think there's a Roy Rogers type surprise.

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> The rest of the schedule looks pretty good but I don't think there's a Roy Rogers type surprise.


I'm pleasantly surprised they got the rights to *Pickup on South Street*.


They've also scheduled: *The Hollywood Revue* for Marie Dressler's day (August 4);

*The Girl in Black Stockings* and *Nightfall* for Anne Bancroft's day (August 6);

*With Six You Get Eggroll* for Doris Day Day (August 10);

*Second Chance* on Jack Palance's day (August 18);

*I See a Dark Stranger* (with a yound Deborah Kerr) and *Green for Danger*, and thankfully avoided *Brief Encounter*, for Trevor Howard's day (August 22);


And TCM kindly gave me a day to catch up on everything I've recorded by throwing away August 29 on a day of Marlon Brando movies.

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Wow - It's a late '20s/early '30s banner month. For me, the inclusion of *Hollywood Revue of 1929* and Marie Dressler's *Emma* is enough to forgive any newer-film transgressions I may have cursed them under my breath for.

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Thanks for your submission Gregory- go check the thread called "Seeking Copy of Hollywood Revue of 1929", where we have been discussing a 1920's themed month for TCM. The idea has enthusiastic support from some of the other contributors. If enough of us prod TCM, it will happen. In that thread, I suggested contacting TCM under "Suggest A Movie". It's always good to let them know what we want.



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*"That's 32 Stan and Ollie films."* - movieman1957


Time to plan where to send the rest of the family for the day, 'movieman'. The Zoo? The Amusement Park? The Grandparents? 'Cause I know you won't want to be disturbed for 24 hours.


I think all the L&H titles that are without descriptions right now are "new to TCM". I know that *Brats* is new. Been wanting to see that again for a long time.


I am looking forward to catching the Gregory Peck film *Man WIth A Million*, most of "Marie Dressler" day and some of the Fred MacMurray titles.


I think it is a great line-up for August...

but, why oh why put *84 Charing Cross Road* on in the middle of the night?


Kyle In Hollywood

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Wow- a whole day of Laurel and Hardy on Aug 23rd, a Saturday. TCM should do a little publicity and marketing for this on other stations and networks- as it could entice a lot of new viewers. (I have seen TCM spots on other channels) This is a line-up so good that it can be advertised elsewhere.



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August usually isn't among my favorite months, but I'll be watching a bunch this time around. Chaplin (missed "The Kid" a couple of months ago), Laurel and Hardy, Marie Dressler, Peter Lorre, Trevor Howard, the return of "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes", and a Dr. Gillespie movie! Thanks, TCM!

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>Time to plan where to send the rest of the family for the day, 'movieman'. The Zoo? The Amusement Park? The Grandparents? 'Cause I know you won't want to be disturbed for 24 hours.



They are already on notice. Although it's quite possible my daughter will spend some of the day with me.

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Here's a breakdown:




1. Michael Caine

2. Charlie Chaplin

3. Gregory Peck

4. Marie Dressler

5. Claude Rains

6. Anne Bancroft

7. Greta Garbo

8. James Garner

9. Fred MacMurray

10. Doris Day

11. Richard Widmark

12. Kim Novak

13. Peter Lorre

14. Greer Garson

15. Rita Hayworth

16. Fred Astaire

17. Gene Kelly

18. Jack Palance

19. Barbara Stanwyck

20. Edward G. Robinson

21. Ava Gardner

22. Trevor Howard

23. Laurel and Hardy

24. Henry Fonda

25. Ingrid Bergman

26. Janet Leigh

27. Tony Curtis

28. Charlton Heston

29. Marlon Brando

30. Katherine Hepburn

31. Spencer Tracy

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Top three highlights:


Pickup on South Street- saw this again earlier this week, and it's among my favorites.

Peter Lorre (perhaps my favorite selection this year)

Jack Palance (nice surprise)


Other faves:


Edward G. Robinson

Richard Widmark

Charlton Heston

Anne Bancroft

Michael Caine

James Garner

Trevor Howard

Laurel & Hardy

Claude Rains

Janet Leigh

Tony Curtis (though I'm disappointed The Vikings will not air in primetime)


As much as I like Doris Day and Katharine Hepburn, I'm not too thrilled about seeing them yet again in the Summer Under the Stars lineup.



Keeping my fingers crossed for '09:


Lillian Gish

Harold Lloyd

Robert Taylor

Julie Christie

Robert Ryan

Charles Bronson

Ann Sheridan


... and the list goes on.


Message was edited by: sweetsmellofsuccess


Message was edited by: sweetsmellofsuccess

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Well my oh my! Thank you TCM! Thank you Peter Lorre!


Anyone that knows me knows I've been telling anyone who will listen that I was hoping for a showing of *My Favorite Brunette.* (Oh please be a good print) Hey bOb39! They're finally showing it!


We were discussing Marie Dressler/Polly Moran films in a thread not that long ago. They're showing three of them. It's also nice to see *Let Us Be Gay* on there. It's a good Norma Shearer film.


Glad to see the Laurel and Hardy shorts as well. Two Rita Hayworth films I want to see. *The Lady in Question* and *Tonight and Every Night.* I also like Peter Lorre day.


I see Fred MacMurray gets a day :) but none of his films with Lombard. :(


I'm also looking forward to Stanwyck's day. I haven't seen *Illicit* or *10 cents a Dance.*


Glad to see *Pick Up on South Street* and *Our Vines Have Tender Grapes* on the schedule.


Thanks TCM.

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Summer Under The Stars Rocks the freaking house!!!

Ok, most excited about Laurel and Hardy's day!!! All those shorts that haven't been aired, man, I'm definitely NOT moving from my TV that day!!! No way, Jose!!!!

The month starts slow---I know, I should love Chaplin, but I'm not a huge fan.

But man, 4 days in and we have Marie Dressler, the grand dame of the early cinema!!! Oh yeah, baby, and lots of stuff not aired for a long time or ever, possibly!!!!! Way to go!!

Claude Rains up next, he pretty much rocks in anything!!!

Some of those Ann Bancroft noir's are hot!

Garbo? Nuff said!

Hey, I'm digging on Freddie Mac, cos he doesn't get enough exposure on TCM, and kudos for the TCM crew in finding some rarer gems of his too!

The Widmark day looks pretty cool too, and gotta give props for *PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET*!!

Kim Novak---yepper, *FIVE AGAINST THE HOUSE* rock out!

My main man, Peter Lorre---wooohoooooo!!!

Some smooth Fred Astaire!

Some cool Jack Palance stuff, noir and crime, baby!

Babs Stanwyck!!!!! Woohooo and some stuff not very often shown if ever---from the early 30's too, man!

And ok....not only my favorite actress (see above), but my favorite actor too???? Eddie G himself!!!!! And not just the usual suspects, some cool different things with Eddie, like *NIGHTMARE* and *I AM THE LAW*!!!

It peters out a bit after the L&H day but still some cool Janet Leigh noirs, and some Spence flix like *A MAN'S CASTLE* that are rare on his day!!!

Ok, I'm totally psyched!!!!!!! Grooving, man!

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*"Summer Under The Stars Rocks the freaking house!!!"* - markbeckhuaf


Does this mean all is forgiven re: *Rush Hour 2* ?

(And you had doubts that August could be interesting.)


Happy to see you happy, pal.


Kyle In Hollywood

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I can't believe Joan Crawford is not listed...someone has to pay for this!>>


After all the love that TCM showed Joan in both March and April, I think they can be forgiven for not including her in Summer Under the Stars and highlighting instead someone like Marie Dressler or the often asked for Richard Widmark.

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