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I wonder, has anyone had the opportunity of watching early other-language version of American movies, basically being filmed in between 1929-1935?....We all know that Garbo's first talkie "Anna Christie" was filmed simultaneously in German and/or Swedish...Has anyone actually seen the both versions?....I've only seen 1931's Spanish languague version of the classic "Dracula" (Universal), which is included in the DVD edition of Lugosi's classic and it's quite remarkable in its own way.


Lubitsch's Chevalier-MacDonald operettas "One Hour With You" (Paramount) and "The Merry Widow" (MGM), were simultaneously filmed with French supporting casts as "Une Heure Pr?s de Toi" and "La Veuve Joyeuse".


Other Paramount-Chevalier films which have French versions (simultaneous) are: "Playboy of Paris" (1930), in which he starred opposite Frances Dee, filmed as "Le Petit Caf?" with his wife Yvonne Vall?e; "The Big Pond" (1930) and "The Smiling Lieutenant" (1931), in both of which he starred opposite Claudette Colbert, were filmed with the same leading lady as "Le Grande Mer" and "Le Lieutenant Souriant"; "The Way To Love" (1933), in which he starred opposite Ann Dvorak, was filmed as "L'Amour Guide" with Jacqueline Francelle.


Also, Chevalier's 1935 "20th Century/United Artists" film "Folies Berg?re de Paris", in which he acted opposite Merle Oberon and Ann Sothern, was filmed as "L'Homme des Folies Berg?re" with Natalie Paley and Sim Viva.


Did you know that even Paramount's "Slightly Scarlet" (1930), starring Evelyn Brent and Clive Brook was filmed in French as "L'Enigmatique Mr. Parkes", starring Claudette Colbert and Adolphe Menjou, and in Spanish as "Amor Audaz" with Menjou and Rosita Moreno?


I have much information about the subject, even a couple of books, but, sadly, I haven't seen any of these early-simultaneously-filmed-versions.


"The Doctor's Secret" (1929-Paramount), starring Ruth Chatterton, H.B. Warner and John Loder, had simultaneou Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish and Czech versions, all with different casts!!!!. Even, John Gilbert's great failure, "His Glorious Night" (1930-MGM) had simultaneous French, Spanish and German versions.


MGM's 1930 hit "The Big House" had Spanish, German, Italian and French alternate versions and in the French version, titled "R?volte dans la Prison", Chester Morris' role was played by an unknown then, Charles Boyer.


Even Fox Studios had some of their films filmed in other languages and in Germany, UFA Studios filmed Lilian Harvey's musicals in German, English and French!


Have any of you had the joy & pleasure of watching some of this rarities?


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You're right CatCarson...as far as the information I've got Laurel & Hardy, filmed the following in other languages, with different supporting casts, depending upon the respective language, all released by MGM, So I wonder do they all survive until our days? Does TCM own the rights for them? They were intended for MGM's foreign european and latin american markets :


-1930- "Night Owls", filmed as "Ladrones" (spanish) and "I Ladroni" (italian)

-1930- "Blotto", filmed as "La Vida Nocturna" (spanish) and "Une Nuite Extravgante" (french)

-1930- "Below Zero", filmed as "Tiembla y Titubea" (spanish)

-1930- "Hog Wild", filmed as "Radioman?a" (spanish) and "P?le-M?le" (french)

-1930- "The Laurel & Hardy Murder Case", filmed as "Noche de Duendes" or "Deudos y Duendes" (spanish), "Feu Mon Oncle" (french) and "Der Spuk Um Mitternacht" (german)

-1931- "Pardon Us", filmed as "De Bote en Bote" (spanish), "Sous les Verrous" (french), "Hinter Schloss und Riegel" (german) and "Muraglie" (italian)

-1930- "Be Big" and -1931- "Laughing Gravy", filmed as "Los Calaveras" (spanish) and "Les Carottiers" (french)

-1931- "Chickens Come Home", as "Politiquer?as" (spanish)

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BTW folks...the other day I could watch my taped (from TCM) german version of Garbo's Anna Christie...and it's excellent!!! Salka Viertel is great in Marie Dressler's role..and the guys who play her father & her sailor lover, are equally great!!! Recommended!!! Some people say this one's better than the original!..I say this one stands aside the original very well!!..I love Marie Dressler...so I can't be "neutral" here!!!

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The Laurel and Hardy Spanish language shorts were shown some years ago on AMC, I believe. I taped them all and it is interesting because they are not dubbed. Laurel and Hardy render their lines in Spanish. I found the tape recently and watched some of them prior to boxing it up again. You may want to ask TCM to dig them up.

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Glad to read you mention the Spanish Language version of DRACULA feaito. Yes it is on the original DVD release of DRACULA, not sure about the latest Universal Box Set.


In case you didn't know, the female lead of the Spanish version Lupita Povar (she is featured in an interview and is still beautiful) married agent Paul Kohner and is the mother of lovely Susan Kohner (IMITATION OF LIFE) - who is herself the widow of men's clothing designer John Weitz and the mother of a couple of young movie makers Chris and Paul Weitz - a producing and directing team responsible for such movies as AMERICAN PIE and ABOUT A BOY.

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I only knew that Lupita Tovar, who was also the star of the first mexican talkie "Santa", had married the Kohner guya and was the mother of Susan Kohner, featured in the mentioned Imitation of Life and also in Fine Young Cannibals?, ...Lupita Tovar acted in some early other-language talkies shot by amrican studios...such as Universal's Dracula...but also appeared in american films shot in english, like George Melford's florid 1931 "East of Borneo" with Charles Bickford and Rose Hobart, a Universal B picture, set in aome asian selvatic surroundings, which I saw a looonggg time ago at a Cable TV Channel, who used to air a lot of old films, very bad quality copies though, called "Main Street Television" MSTV....."East of Borneo", though surely dated and somewhat funny in a weird way (not on purpose), was anyway a charming little film, I enjoyed it!!!

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Tovar....I didn't look at the DVD before I wrote. Lovely lady, and still beautiful in the interview. You can see where Susan got her beauty.



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