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Kay Francis Biographer Scott O'Brien at the Silver Screen Oasis in June

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Many a classic movie lover may have wished to spend an evening with a unique actress from the studio era, Kay Francis. The Silver Screen Oasis is pleased to offer a reasonable facsimile this June when we host biographer Scott O'Brien, the author of:


Kay Francis: I Can't Wait To Be Forgotten (BearManor Media). Mr. O'Brien will be on hand at the SSO for a week from Monday, June 16th-Friday, June 20th to discuss all things "Kayriffic".


Kay Francis was a misty cinematic figure, barely remembered by older audience members, until TCM began to air her entertaining and enlightening films from the '20s, '30s and '40s regularly on their network. Her reputation has since spawned a minor renaissance as new fans have learned to cherish her sophisticated style and independent spirit in everything from The Cocoanuts (1929) to Trouble in Paradise(1932) to In Name Only(1939) to Four Jills in a Jeep(1944).


(Image appears courtesy of the author, Scott O'Brien.)


Scott O'Brien, who maintains a website at http://www.kayfrancisbiography.com/ , has written his biography of Miss Francis with clear-eyed affection, offering readers a great deal of insight into her public and private adventures, her withdrawal from show business, and her singular cinematic persona, (not to mention her dazzling clothes sense). One of the SSO's distinguished former guests, Mick LaSalle, has written that Scott O'Brien's book is: "Extensively researched, considered, [and] well-written. He talked to everybody. He nailed down facts (such as her real birthday: She was actually younger than some books have said), and he did right by his subject. Kay Francis was an actress who said she couldn't wait to be forgotten, but she doesn't deserve to be forgotten, and thanks to Turner Classic Movies her films have found a new audience. She was one of the great pre-Code women, and if you're curious about her, Scott O'Brien has written the book that has everything you want to know."


Naming the book one of the Best of 2006, Laura Wagner wrote in Classic Images magazine that "O'Brien has a way with words as he beautifully examines Kay's films. He treats her private life with respect, without shying away from some unpleasantries. He skillfully uses Kay's own diary to paint a picture of an independent woman ahead of her time."


Kay Francis: I Can't Wait To Be Forgotten is now available in its second edition through bookstores, libraries and online through such sites as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the publisher, BearManor Media.


While we can't offer anyone a One Way Passage with the lovely Kay Francis on a cruise, we hope that you'll join us in June for the next best thing--a cyber-cruise with Mr. O'Brien to discuss all things Kay at our non-profit website, The Silver Screen Oasis from June 19-20, 2008! We'll have the Paradise cocktails ready.


(The above 1925 portrait is entitled "Katharine Francis" by Sir Gerald Kelly and appears courtesy of the author, Scott O'Brien).

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Hey, here's that gentle reminder that, starting on Monday, June 16th through Friday June 20th we all get a chance at the Silver Screen Oasis to gently grill the author *Scott O'Brien* about all things Kay---Kay Francis, that is!


Since Miss Francis, one of the more dangerously appealing (and talented) of all the pre-code ladies associated with the studio era has been announced as the Star of the Month in September on TCM, here's your chance to ask our friend Scott everything you always wanted to know about the actress (and were afraid to ask).

This is the spot to visit with your queries or to just enjoy the discussion:

Scott O'Brien Q & A at the SSO.

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