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HD versions missing in ON DEMAND

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On 6/28/2018 at 10:41 AM, SteveQL said:

Same here when streaming on WATCH TCM.  But, does not resolve ON DEMAND TCM listings to watch on TV.

Okay, I see where you are coming from....
Sure, you pay your TV Service Provider the big bucks so you can receive TCM movies and watch them on your big screen TV (in their proper (native) aspect ratio).
And your TV Service Provider also offers some of those TCM broadcasted movies in their On-Demand programing. Some in supposed HD, and others in their native SD. And therein lies the problems and frustration that you are currently experiencing...
One, Your TV Service Provider is currently sending you SD & HD movies in distorted Window-Boxed aspect ratio's.
And Two, the selection of your TV Providers On-Demand TCM movies is far less than those broadcasted.
And Three, the problem appears to be on-going, with no sense of resolution.
Is that a correct summation? 

But I think that you are failing to see a "bigger" picture...

As a TCM TV subscriber you are given access to their list of available WATCH TCM on-line movies.
My past experience with them has revealed that TCM generally makes about 85-90% of what they broadcast also available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND.
As of this moment, WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND has a list of 79 feature movies and shorts available for On-Demand streaming. From that list all of the 65 full feature movies were recently aired live (within the last 7 days).
Although the last few months they have been showing ever more of those in distorted "Window-Box" format, still, the vast majority is stream-able in their original native, i.e. 4.3 (1.33:1), 16:9, 2.35:1, etc. aspect ratios.

I know that you pay your TV Service Provider money so you can watch TCM movies on your TV, and you would like to do so at your convenience, On-Demand....

Now wrap your head around this....
In order to watch TCM at all you have to pay some TV Service provider a fee regardless.
So does it really matter whether those TCM movies come to you through your TV Service Provider's TCM access, or whether you receive them directly from TCM without the middle-man? (aside from the necessity of "signing-in" with TCM using your TV Service Provider's account information.)

Isn't the "bigger picture" (the reason that you subscribe to TCM in the first place) for you to get the TCM movies that you want to watch and be able to watch them (in their original native aspect ratio) on on your big-screen TV? 

Well you can do just that! (if you are so inclined).
Call it a "work-around," but it does work!

As I have shared with you (in previous posts) you can stream your WATCH TCM movies ON-DEMAND to your PC (or another portable device) and then use either an HDMI cable or WiFi to watch those movies on your big-screen TV. ;)
Problem solved? :)

Well it apparently would be, so long as the contract between your TV Service Provider and TCM is at least equivalent to what mine apparently is.

What I am not sure of (and until now haven't asked anyone to verify) is whether the list of WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND movies is consistent with all TCM on-line viewers, or whether it varies from one TV Service Provider to another? :unsure:

I am informed that folks who watch TCM from Canada have certain caveats and restrictions especially regarding on-line TCM access.

So, Would you mind doing me a favor and Get on-line and Check the list of WATCH TCM movies that TCM has available ON-DEMAND

Just report the day and time of your count, and I can cross reference to see if they are the same or not with my TV Service Provider (COX).

If there appears to be a greater or lesser difference it would also be relevant to share the name of your TV Service Provider.

On 6/28/2018 at 11:43 AM, SteveQL said:

Time Warner merged with A T & T, of course!


I just received a card in the mail from AT&T.
It was a Privacy Update "officially" informing me that WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) recently "joined" AT&T, and AT&T and their affiliate companies share "my information"... yada, yada... but "My privacy always comes first, as always..." More yada, "Please read the att.com/PrivacyUpdate ...."

I have one remaining telephone land-line with AT&T and for years have been receiving solicitations to switch to DIRECTV and internet.
But after going through poor service and contract hassles with other cable providers, I am hesitant to sign a two year contract and pay potentially more (after an intro year) for possibly poorer service and less access than what I already have...
At least with COX I can cancel at any time with no penalty. 

Another concern is...
I feel that it is just a matter of time before the controlling ISP and TV Providers begin to take advantage of their hard-lobbied repeal of the FCC Net Neutrality Rules.

Without FCC regulations, mandating that they do otherwise, there is now nothing to prevent these major players from exercising corporate favoritism and initiate penalties against companies and customers which subscribe to others for their content and services.
i.e. fewer available channels, and limited "specialty" channel access, restricted programing, additional surcharges and higher fees to access content controlled by them.
And variable streaming speeds for internet users, with their affiliates and clients receiving access to greater (faster) bandwidth, and others only for a premium price, etc.

That is, after all, what monopolies do. And that was what Net Neutrality was there to protect against.
Lip service aside, these corporations didn't spend all that money and fight so hard to "deregulate" themselves for the benefit of public good...
They did it for greater profit at the public's expense, as usual. 

And it was our tax dollars which funded "our" governments (military) research, development and initial implementation of the internet in the first place.
Then "our" government handed it over to the corporations...
And today, "We" have no legal "rights" to equal, unbiased, access to that which we paid for.

The Federal Communications Commission (an "independent" agency of the United States government which was created by statute to fairly regulate interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable) has been bought and paid for by corporations who wish to turn telecommunication access into a publicly funded, privately controlled, unregulated for profit, "toll turnpike,"
rather than an equal access information highway. 

To use words of "our" illustrious fuhrer... "Sad, very, very sad...." 

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COUNT: MANY right up to yesterday's airing  ---Maltese Falcon, M etc etc.  But, none in TCM ON DEMAND   which I now consider abandoned by TCM. 


Finally, I will not workaround to accommodate  WarnerMedia  being A T & T

Thank you for your input.

Am cutting my Comcast package down to lowest tier.


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2 hours ago, SteveQL said:


COUNT: MANY right up to yesterday's airing  ---Maltese Falcon, M etc etc.  But, none in TCM ON DEMAND   which I now consider abandoned by TCM. 



Thanks for the links Steve.
It appears that your Pacific Time Zone access to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND titles, is exactly the same as mine.
If I were to make an assessment based on just this limited data (from you and me) I would say that it appears that there are no current restrictions on the WATCH TCM movies based on one's TV Provider sign-in (at least not so regarding TV Service providers Comcast and COX).

So even though Comcast's On-Demand movies from TCM may be negligible and currently corrupt, as a TCM subscriber you still have access to the "full-meal-deal" via WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND.
That is good to know.
Wonder how long it will remain like that?


2 hours ago, SteveQL said:

Finally, I will not workaround to accommodate  WarnerMedia  being A T & T

Thank you for your input.

Am cutting my Comcast package down to lowest tier.

Most entry levels from TV Service Providers do NOT include TCM, so it appears you are saying goodbye.
But you are not completely "cutting-the-cord" as you are still continuing to subscribe to Comcast at their lowest level.
COX's entry level includes little more than what we used to be able to get "free" via an antenna.
For me it would be silly to pay a TV Service Provider a monthly fee for that.

When I say goodbye to TCM I am saying good bye to cable tv completely, as TCM is the only reason why I currently subscribe to them for TV at all.

Everything else that I have an interest in watching I can get on-line either for free (i.e. PBS, YouTube, etc.) or for a small monthly ala carte fee (i.e. NetFlix).
Or I can become a regular at my local public library and watch whatever DVD's they have on hand (or can borrow via an inter library loan) "free" of charge (paid for by my taxes).
If I have a hankering for more there are relatively inexpensive streaming service packages such as Hulu, and others, and I have heard that Sling TV even offers TCM, but I don't know if it's the same (relatively full) content as WATCH TCM.

I just checked and it looks like Comcast may even have an on-line TV package called STREAM
Though that article is rather old (7/13/2015) and STREAM may not exist today, at least not at $15/mo.
But point is, you can spare yourself a huge chunk of that $280/monthly Comcast TV fee, and for the price of a good quality ISP (with an ample data cap) you can still watch much more than you have time for via streaming.
But if you choose to do that, and enjoy it on your big-screen TV, you will be required to either use a PC as your receiver, or enable a "smart" TV's on-line features.

I personally dislike TV's that are "Smart" enough to spy on me and relay my viewing habits to a company server.
Bad enough with this on-going TCM crap, but at least with my current PC, OS, and Firefox browser, I retain some semblance of "control." 

When I think of something heralding "An End of an Era," (regarding television) for me that most recently happened in 2015, when my personal DVR's were no longer fully functional with my TV Service Provider, and I was required by my TV Service provider to pay rent for a separate receiver for each Television that I wanted TV access in the house.
That is when I became a dedicated WATCH TCM online consumer. 

Anyway buddy, I wish you the best.
We both probably watch way more TV than we should anyway, so I applaud your downsizing.
One day (probably sooner than later) I'll likely be following your lead.
Take care and Good luck!

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TCM is not stupid or perhaps they they are reckless.  I believe they are willfully corrupting the ON DEMAND site.  Example.  The other day the move A STAR IS BORN was the 1954 version with James Mason.  Yesterday it switched to the 1937 version with Adolphe Menjou. Why?

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The Maltese Falcon was aired yesterday but, of course, not in On DEMAND.   However, if you use SEARCH and enter Maltese Falcon -------------- there it is for RENT at $3.99 to $12.99 HD and SD. 



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On 6/30/2018 at 7:51 PM, SteveQL said:

I believe they are willfully corrupting the ON DEMAND site.  Example.  The other day the move A STAR IS BORN was the 1954 version with James Mason.  Yesterday it switched to the 1937 version with Adolphe Menjou. Why?

I don't know what kind of deal your TV Service Provider has with TCM regarding which TCM movies Comcast is authorized to replay on their On-Demand.
It is obviously not all of them, and far from the same number that WATCH TCM makes available to all of us to stream directly from their own website.
But I think it makes dollars and cents (sense) for WATCH TCM to carry more ON-DEMAND movies than the TV Service Providers, unless they are perhaps willing to pay extra to have more... Otherwise fewer people would probably access TCM directly for those movies.

Regarding the 1954 Judy Garland & James Mason version of ASIB, it aired earlier as part of the Musicals Spotlight this month. Then this last week they aired the non-musical 1937 version with Fredric March and Janet Gaynor. 

It is not unusual for TCM to program originals and remakes close together, they have done it before.
Both of those versions were available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND, and the most recently aired 1937 version is currently still on their list.

On 6/30/2018 at 8:14 PM, SteveQL said:

The Maltese Falcon was aired yesterday but, of course, not in On DEMAND.   However, if you use SEARCH and enter Maltese Falcon -------------- there it is for RENT at $3.99 to $12.99 HD and SD.

TMF (1941) Bogie noir classic aired yesterday as part of several films featuring Peter Lorre that TCM was spotlighting.
That version actually has been remastered in High Definition for Blu-Ray. I don't know whether the HD version is in 1080p or Ultra HD 2k or 4k.
It is also still available on DVD (probably 480p or 720p).
Amazon has both for rent or purchase

I own 480p copies of all three movie versions of TMF, 1941 (with Bogie & Mary Astor), 1931 (with Ricardo Cortez & Bebe Daniels), and the 1936 version, Satan Met a Lady, with Warren William & Bette Davis).
The local library has an older Bogie DVD copy for anyone to borrow (for free).
And it is also currently available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND (though I doubt that TCM is streaming the HD Blu-Ray version.)
I actually watched a few scenes of it when it was on TV yesterday. I even switched between the COX HD channel and the SD channel on the same 40" HDTV, No noticeable difference at my end from the SD channel version and the "HD" channel, both had pillar-boxing, and both pictures were crisp and otherwise indistinguishable, same with the later widescreen movies I've contrasted. Couldn't really see a noticeable difference with TCM movies one way or another.

Again, I don't know what the contract is between Comcast and TCM for On-Demand movies.
But if you weren't such a hard head about it you could stream it from WATCH TCM right now.
Maybe it wouldn't be in HD, but I am not a fanatic about HD in tv anyway.

In my personal video library, I have hundreds of old VHS tapes that I have converted to DVD (many of which were never made available in DVD format). And literally thousands of other DVDs (and nary a one is a 1080p HD or Blu-Ray).
I have both 720p and 1080p HDTVs, I also have a Blu-Ray player, so I can watch true HD when I choose too.
(Also still have a couple of functional Analog CRT sets, along with back-up VHS and DVD players). 
I do have quite a few older movies (especially my VHS to DVD conversions) that would certainly benefit from a digital remaster.
But I'd rather not spoil my huge investment in SD movies and documentaries by watching a lot of HDTV.
Besides my biggest HDTV is only 40" and the others are 32" (or smaller) and for the little visual difference between HD and SD watched on any of those, it is not worth it to me to go the Blu-Ray route with my entire collection.

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RE: But if you weren't such a hard head about it you could stream it from WATCH TCM right now

I too have hundreds of DVDs and Blu-Rays.  But, I pay Comcast for TCM and  ON DEMAND.   I refuse to stream or dig out a DVD to watch content that USED to be in TCM On Demand after airing.

I'm not alone see postings at Comcast On Demand:

Re: TCM On Demand Movies Shrinkage

The problem has been going on since about Wednesday of last week, when films for TCM via On Demand were added but only in HD or SD versions, not both.  And the additions were few in number.  Now the few added films all expire within a day or two because they were broadcast on TCM close to a week ago.  I didn't see any films from Friday, Saturday or yesterday offered through TCM's On Demand list. 

Overall, the number of films available are expiring and not being replaced, with increasingly fewer films listed, which was the same problem from two years ago. The last time this happened, Comcast said the problem involved a third party vendor handling the transfer of films from TCM to Comcast.  Comcast, you need to look into this and sort this out.

I pay a lot of extra money for that additional tier in order to watch TCM and its On Demand listings.



End of discussion

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I will make one more observational comment before I quit this thread, hopefully for good.

When switching back and forth between SD and "HD" channels airing TCM via my current TV Service Provider (COX). I have noticed one consistent anomaly.
There is a slight "airtime delay" from SD to HD.
Meaning that for perhaps a second, noticeable movie play will be repeated when switching from SD to HD.

The conclusion that I am drawing from that, is COX's SD channel is broadcast first, quickly followed by the HD channel.
This likely happens because TCM's signal is directed to (or picked up by) the SD channels receivers before being rebroadcast in "HD". 
This makes sense if the only signals that TCM sends out are in Standard Definition, meaning that even when a movie has been digitally reformatted to HD (and is available in HD DVD or Blu-Ray), that TCM only airs what it airs in SD.
I remember reading awhile back (can't recall my sources at the moment) that TCM doesn't show anything in true HD, and this observation seems to bare that out (at least with COX).

I interpret that to mean... That the only thing "HD" about a TCM movie (broadcast on COX) is due to "up-scaling" by their equipment.
And on my relatively small (these days) 32" and 40" HDTV screens, that renders the "HD" and SD channel pictures indistinguishable from each other to my viewing eyes.

I seriously doubt that TCM only singles out COX to do this with, I would imagine that all TV Providers are receiving the same signals from TCM.
Which, if I am deducing this correctly, means that all (or mostly all) of the "HD" and at least some of the SD channel "problems" regarding TCM movies is most likely due to "problems" with the TV Providers "upscale/downscale" conversion process and equipment when attempting to offer a native SD program as an "HD" one.

In as much as TCM is often to blame for an awful lot of viewer misery, this fault likely does not lie with them. But with the TV Service Providers.

Just my opinion, based upon personal observation, past experience, and what others are complaining about.

Regarding problems with TCM movies aired by a TV Service Provider and then being made available on the TV Service Provider's On-Demand replay channels... in either "HD" or SD...
That could again be related to the TV Service Provider's equipment (hardware & software issues).
But I'd more likely consider that a diminishing number of available On-Demand TCM movies from your TV Service Provider's On-Demand channels is more likely due to some contract dispute between them (Comcast) and TCM, or Time Warner (now WarnerMedia), or TCM's parent company (AT&T), or one (or more) of TCM's parent company's vendors, etc.
This often occurs when one party wants more money for a product or service than another party is willing to pay.

In fact, there have been discussions on these very boards regarding persons having a two year contract with some TV Service Provider, at a high enough tier level just so they could receive TCM, and then TCM was removed from that tier due to a contract dispute between the TV Service Provider and TCM, over money.

Perhaps this may be related in some way to the recent Time Warner (including TCM) acquisition by AT&T... wouldn't surprise me a bit!
Or a "Big-boy" power-play coming into effect after the FCC's repeal of Net Neutrality (which also wouldn't surprise me). 

In any event, I can relate to your anger and frustration regarding paying for a "product" or service that you once received, believe that you are entitled to, and that is now being denied.

Like I think I have already said in this thread, the only reason why I subscribe to COX's TV service is to receive TCM.
And for these last few years (since 2015) it has almost exclusively been to be able to access and "sign-in" to WATCH TCM and view their ON-DEMAND movies at my convenience.
If either COX or TCM denied be that, then I would discontinue my TV Service Provider contract with COX by the time that the next months bill is due.

Thankfully I have a rather large video library to fall back upon for when that does eventually happen.

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I just switched from Live TCM HD channel 789 to SD channel 501.  No delay --perhaps a mini second.

Since movie is old "Broadway Gondolier (1935)' there is really no quality  difference. However, if it was a wide screen film I am sure SD channel would be postage stamped. 


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Surprised! (but, pleasantly so).   Just checked (1:15 PM PST) TCM ON DEMAND. And, found new additions.  "Beast With Five Fingers" (in SD only) which aired last week.  It opened in postage stamp (letter box) but when movie started expanded to full screen (as it would if was HD version).  Then, two versions of The Maltese Falcon HD and SD.  Also "She" in SD only which I didn't waste time opening since I  am aware of film and would be letter boxed (postage stamp) since was filmed in wide screen CinemaScope (1965)

Maybe more will appear. 

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