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Their Greatest Role

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I know this thread has passed and I read all the posts and you guys should have a pat on your back for responsding to Mongo's question. Everyone was so friendly and it felt like everyone was in the same room talking like old friends. Mongo how did you crunch those numbers without pulling you hair out? I have a nomination and I didn't see him mentioned Ernest Borgnine for Marty. In my reading of trivia books I was always puzzled to read of his win for Marty(the Oscar). The Ernest I knew was the Ernest in From Here to Eternity or The Dozen Dozen. So I thouhgt I hate to say an odd choice I mean he could play small(but memorable roles) but lead actor and Oscar too?-right. Well, I saw Marty and he deserved it. I love that movie it made me cry and touched me in a way that I could understand but not explain a beautiful movie. A top rate performance by Ernest Borgnine my hats off to you and thanks for a job well done.

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gwtw we did have a lot of fun with this thread and most important we had harmony about the subject we love most, movie stars. And Ernest Borgnine did indeed give a fine performance in "Marty" and deserved his Oscar.


loveoldmovies, it's never too late to pick your favorite movie star role. Just to let you know that Garbo did make the list with her outstanding performance in "Camille".



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Resurrecting a great thread from the past with a new nominee:


Eugene Pallette - hard to choose his "greatest role", but I found him so fun in Deanna Durbin's First Love (1939) that I searched out this thread to see if he was in it; he's not. Of course, I loved him in The Lady Eve (1941), The Mark of Zorro (1940), The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), My Man Godfrey (1936), and every other role I've seen him play (love that voice!).

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I agree. Pallette is really good. I think "My Man Godfrey" is his best. He spends 90 minutes trying to keep his sanity (and doing a good job.) He always looks like he's one step away from losing it.


I also like the fact you pulled up an old thread. I've been here about 5 months and sometimes I'll look through the old threads for things I missed. Nice to know that even though they haven't been active they are still worth discussing. Thanks.

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You're very welcome. There are A LOT of great topics buried within these boards, and almost everything had been discussed even before I got here in 2003! Some new board software was installed last fall and it appears that the search engine only goes back to that date (September, 2005 or thereabouts), which makes it harder to find the older topics (what a shame). And, believe it or not, until recently, virtually every one of the discussions were civil AND about classic movies too;-)

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I made a list of my favorites,but I couldn't choose Cary Grant's.He made so many good films and I never saw one that he wasn't good in.


Katharine Hepburn:The Lion In Winter

Clark Gable:Gone With the Wind

Natalie Wood:Splendor In the Grass

Grace Kelly:High Society

Rock Hudson:Giant (or Magnificent Obsession)

Vivien Leigh:Gone With the Wind (it was either that or Waterloo Bridge)

Gregory Peck:To Kill a Mockingbird

Bette Davis:Hush,Hush,Sweet Charlotte(that one was so hard to choose)

Elizabeth Taylor:Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?

Montgomery Clift:From Here To Eternity

Audrey Hepburn:Breakfast At Tiffany's

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Maureen O' Hara-The Quiet Man

Joan Blondell-Nightmare Alley

Jane Greer-Out of the Past

Lauren Bacall-The Big Sleep

Claire Trevor-Murder,My Sweet

Katharine Hepburn-Bringing Up Baby

Ann Sheridan-Torrid Zone

Marie Windsor-The Narrow Margin

Dorothy Dandridge-Carman Jones

Yvonne DeCarlo-Criss Cross

Rosalind Russell-The Woman

Barbara Stanwyck-Double Indemnity

Linda Darnell-A Letter to three Wives

Joan Bennett-The Woman in the Window

Paulette Goddard-The Ghost Breakers

Gloria Swanson-Sunset Blvd

Lonette McKee-The Cotton Club

Helen Walker-Nightmare Alley

Vivian Leigh-Gone With the Wind

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Ellen Burstyn - Requiem for a Dream

Robert De Niro - Raging Bull

Judy Garland - A Star is Born

Cary Grant - None But the Lonely Heart

Katherine Hepburn - Philadelphia Story

Shirley MacLaine - The Apartment

Liza Minnelli - New York New York

Marjorie Main - Dead End

Merle Oberon - Wuthering Heights

Roslind Russell - Auntie Mame

Meryl Streep - Sopie's Choice

Barbra Streisand - Funny Girl

Meryl Streep - Sopie's Choice

Barbra Streisand - Funny Girl

James Stewart - Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Elizabeth Taylor - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

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Hepburn-Long Day's Journey



Garland-star is Born

Hutton-Annie get your Gun


Holliday-Born Yesterday

Remick and Lemmon-Days of Wine and Roses

Page-Trip to Bountiful

Harris-Member of the Wedding

Booth-Come Back, Little Sheba

Fontaine-Letter From An Unknown Woman

Monroe-Bus Stop

Hepburn-The Nun's Story

Kerr-The King and I

Russell-His Girl Friday



North by Northwest

Taylor-Suddenly, Last Summe

Garson Random Harvest


DeHavilland-The Heiress

Bergman-Autumn Sonata


Bogart-The Caine Mutiny

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Cary Grant- Bringing up Baby

Katharine Hepburn- The African Queen

Vivien Leigh- Gone With The Wind

Gregory Peck- Roman Holiday

Marlon Brando- A Streetcar Nmed Desire

Audrey Hepburn- My Fair Lady

Marilyn Monroe- Some Like It Hot

Jimmy Stewart- The Philadelphia Story

Humphrey Bogart- Casablanca

Lauren Bacall- The Big Sleep

Joan Fontaine- The Affairs of Susan

Lawrence Olivier- Rebecca

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Bette Davis-All About Eve

Katherine Hepburn-Lion in Winter

Joan Crawford-Mildred Pierce

Laurence Olivier-Hamlet

Gregory Peck-To Kill a Mockingbird

Robert Mitchum-Cape Fear

Humphrey Bogart-Caine Mutiny

Joseph Cotten-Shadow of a Doubt

Teresa Wright- Same as Above

Meryl Streep- Sophie's Choice

Geraldine Page-Summer and Smoke

Vivien Leigh-Streetcar Named Desire

Marlon Brando-On the Waterfront

Henry Fonda-Grapes of Wrath

Jimmy Stewart-Its a Wonderful Life (my favorite movie)

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Bette Davis-The Little Foxes

Katharine Hepburn-Woman of the Year

Joan Crawford-Sudden Fear

Laurence Olivier-Wuthering Heights

Gregory Peck-To Kill a Mockingbird

Robert Mitchum-Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Humphrey Bogart-null: Couldn't stand this bald man with dentures.

Joseph Cotten-Portrait of Jennie

Teresa Wright- Mrs. Miniver

Meryl Streep- Kramver vs. Kramer

Geraldine Page-null: Couldn't stand this physically unappealing actress

Vivien Leigh-A Streetcar Named Desire

Marlon Brando-A Streetcar Named Desire

Henry Fonda-Jezebel

Jimmy Stewart-Vertigo

Marilyn Monroe-The Misfits

Rita Hayworth-Gilda

Audrey Hepburn-My Fair Lady

Lana Turner-The Postman Always Rings Twice

Sophia Loren-Two Women

Barbra Streisand-Funny Girl

Raquel Welch-The Wild Party

Jane Fonda-Klute

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K.Hepburn- Lion in Winter

Richard Harris- Man called Horse

Tracey - Old Man and The Sea

Bergman -Anastasia

Bogart -Casablanca

Davis- All This And Heaven Too

Garbo- Anna Kareninia

Howard Keel- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Errol Flynn- Adventures of Robin Hood

Grant- Penny Seranade

Tony Curtis- Some Like It Hot

Lemon- The Apartment

Novack- Bell,Book and Candle

John Wayne- The Searchers

Gregory Peck- To Kill A Mockingbird

Joan Fontaine- Rebecca

Wells- Citizen Kane

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Here are a few I forgot to add.

Shirley Mc Laine- The Turning Point

Merle Oberon- Wuthering Heights

Lesilie Howard- Scarlet Pimpernal/Petrified Forest Tie becaue I could not choose.

S. Loren- El Cid

L. Oliver A Fire Over England

James Stewart-Harvey

Marilyn Monroe- River Of No Return

Rosiline Russel- Auntie Mane

L. Bacall- Key Largo

Helen Hayes Tie between Anastasia and Airport

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Edward G Robinson in "The Sea Wolf"

Toshiro Mifune in "Roshomon"

Alec Guiness in "The Lady Killers"

Humphrey Bogart in "The Caine Mutiny"

Charles Laughton in "Mutiny on the Bounty" and "The Hunchback of Norte Dame"

Peter Sellers in "Lolita"

John Garfield in "The Postman Always Rings Twice"

Barbara Stanwyk in "Double Indemnity"

Peter O'Toole in "MY Favorite Year"

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A few of my favorites:


Bette Davis - Dark Victory/Petrified Forest

Joan Crawford - Mildred Pierce

Marilyn Monroe - Don't Bother to Knock

Barbara Stanwyck - Union Pacific/Double Indemnity

Teresa Wright - Shadow of a Doubt

Lana Turner - The Postman Always Rings Twice

Lauren Bacall - Key Largo

Myrna Loy - Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Patricia Neal - Hud

Judy Holliday - Born Yesterday

Robert Mitchum - Heaven Knows Mr. Allison/Cape Fear

Richard Widmark - Kiss of Death/The Bedford Incident

Robert Shaw - A Man for all Seasons

Peter Sellers - Dr. Strangelove/The Mouse that Roared

Gary Cooper - The Westerner

James Cagney - The Time of Your Life/White Heat

William Bendix - Wake Island

John Garfield - Force of Evil

Paul Newman - Hud

Orson Welles - The Long, Hot Summer

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Wow, this thread's certainly worth bringing back. Here comes a truckload:


Fred Astaire -- Top Hat

Lauren Bacall -- How to Marry a Millionaire (tempted to choose something with Bogart, but in terms of performances, this was it for me)

Humphrey Bogart -- The Maltese Falcon

Charlie Chaplin -- City Lights

Claudette Colbert -- The Palm Beach Story

Gary Cooper -- High Noon

Joan Crawford -- Possessed (1947)

Bette Davis -- All About Eve

Marlene Dietrich -- Witness for the Prosecution

Henry Fonda -- 12 Angry Men (would have been Grapes of Wrath, had he not sung "Red River Valley" in it)

Greta Garbo -- Ninotchka

Ava Gardner -- On the Beach

Greer Garson -- Random Harvest

Audrey Hepburn -- Roman Holiday

Katharine Hepburn -- Summertime

William Holden -- Sunset Boulevard

Leslie Howard -- Of Human Bondage

Burt Lancaster -- The Rainmaker

Agnes Moorehead -- The Magnificent Ambersons

Gregory Peck -- Spellbound

Rosalind Russell -- Gypsy

Barbara Stanwyck -- The Lady Eve

James Stewart -- It's a Wonderful Life

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