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>Now, let's get "down" to -- resize!


OK. When you right click on a photo, it gives you the dimension in pixels. The *first* number is the width, the *second* is the height. To change the width and height, you insert the line

height=X width=Y at the end of the url, and then close with > (where X and Y are the new height and width you desire). To maintain proportionality, both X and Y must be multiples (or divisors) of the original dimensions.


Example: say the original photo has 150 x 250 pixels and you want to make it larger. You can multiply both numbers by 2, and get 300 x 500. Just remember the first number is the width, but the first number in the code must be the height So after you insert the url, you would put in a space, then type

height=500 width=300 (with that spacing)

and then close with >


To make it smaller, you could divide by 2, for instance.

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>Now how to put the two together, so that everyone will see they look alike??


Just type both lines of code, one under the other. Make sure they don't share any part of the same line.

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>Let me try again. Not that anyone cares at this point.


Of course we care. Everyone on this board tonight (except for those who fell asleep) is watching this saga with great interest.

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