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Uncle Louie must have been a vampire, because no one in the family has a photograph of him.


btw, a strange thing just happened -- I went to Fred's thread Archives Trivia, and see that my Richard Luger and Jimmy Stewart is there, but I posted it here. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.


Also, was it coincidence that Fred put up a photo of Jeremy Irons? I was trying to compare Irons and Boris Karloff, got Karloff, then Boris vanished, I couldn't for the life of me get Jeremy because I completely forgot what I did right in correctly putting James Whitmore and Spencer Tracy on the same page in Trivia.


I think I need a drink or something.


Root beer.

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Everything now is totally screwed up.


I don't know what's going on. My photos are disappearing, Fred mysteriously posts Jeremy Irons; how did he know that I was going to compare Irons with Boris Karloff.


I know I'll wake up soon from this nightmare, lol.

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I feel something is off-kilter this evening.


Rich seems to be ignoring me, I see my photos on different threads, my Uncle Louie might have been a vampire (he's dead but who knows), and one of my elderly neighbors apparently went on a toot and lay sprawled across the lawn when I got home this evening. The paramedics had to take him away.


Message was edited by: Bronxgirl48

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Now click on your name to get your profile. You'll see the code in the last few posts you made. Notice the Jeremy Irons code does not end in jpg, which is the problem. I find it much easier to go to google, click on images, and then click on the photo you want. The url automatically shows up in the Internet Explorer box, and you can copy and paste it here.

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(I needed practice too, but was hoping for a better pic. That's me on the left)




Any way to move the picture away from the left hand edge?

The http://www.twilightzone.org site creeps me out. It's that fortune telling machine with the devil's head nodding on top that does it.

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