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Bronxgirl: "Jack Weston (formerly known by me as Fat Jack Weston until CineMaven correctly pointed out how redundant that is)..."


HA!!! HA!!! WoW!


SCSU...is the Munch picture below mocking "Home Alone"??? And yes, you're absolutely right (yet again) about Constance (not Doris) Dowling. Thanks much for the correction

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Aaah, Molo. Thank you for the pictures of my girls. I always thought there was more of a vulnerability about Lizabeth Scott that got to me.


SCSU...great shots; Glenda / Claire. Jesse & Howard.


Nice job folks! Nice job!!!

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Thanks for all the great photos, especially the one of the Lana Turneresque-looking woman. It brings to mind the memorable scene in *"L.A. Confidential"*: Guy Pearce begins with "A **** cut to look like Lana Turner is still just a ****" -- followed by Kevin Spacey's line "She is Lana Turner" -- followed by a drink being thrown in Pearce's face by the Turner character.


Clearly one of the best scenes in a movie that has many great scenes, it underscores the potential pitfalls of mistaken identity.

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Bronxgirl:You'll keep me on the non-redundancy track. Like if I say "sexy Gloria Grahame".


STUDLY ARNOLD STANG???? No no no no no. That's like saying: shapely, Marie Dressler. Now you've gone way over to the other end of the spectrum; into oxymoron territory. Get back to the middle, Bronxgirl...get back to the middle. ;-)

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