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"CM - did you ever notice a resemblence between Gloria Grahame and Lou Diamond Phillips?"


Violets...I see absolutely no resemblance between Gloria and Lou Diamond; none at all. Maybe if you post a picture side-by-side...no. Don't.


"I always meant to ask if you saw

Ann Carter all-grown-up on the tribute to Val Lewton, she was lovely."


You know, I never did see her. I believe I did see the tribute (wait, I saw the documentary). I'm really sorry I missed seeing her. I remember thinking she was an astonishing looking child. Do you have a recent picture of her?


Message was edited by: CineMaven No no no no no resemblance between Gloria & Lou.

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That's ok. It's a slow day, so I had to pick on somebody.


I spent the day sitting on a jury in a civil case, trying to figure out which actors the participants looked like.

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Hi Raining Violets,


Below are remarks from Molo re: Gloria Grahame. Go to the General Discussion forum and look at the postings for the thread entitled "They're Amazing Because......". Look at the pictures he posted and then tell me again about her resemblance to Lou Diamond Phillips. ;-)


"Sexy. Sultry. Playful. Temptress. Vulnerable. Dangerous. Inviting. This is Gloria Grahame. Amazing? I think so. Why? She could take ten minutes of screen time and wrap an entire film around her little finger. She spent most of her career in support, in the background, but she draws your attention whenever she's on screen. She had a way of using her body. A sexual dance that lures you in. No Bogart, or Mitchum, or Ford, or Ryan could escape her charms. Not that they really wanted to, no matter the risk. She had an almost childlike voice and sly grin that hid hard lessons learned and dreams left wanting. She had wit and with the toss of her head could offer a knowing glance that spoke more than mere words. She exists in a dark world. Trumpets wail on her arrival. Interesting things are about to happen. A femme fatale for the ages. The amazing Gloria Grahame."


Tobitz: THAT was funny! But since post 9-11-01, people get touchy about their identity.

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>I hope they allowed cameras in the courtroom, so he has pictures to post.


No cameras allowed, and no cellphones with cameras either.


The co-defendant looked a lot like Timothy Carhart (the slimeball that gets blown away by Louise in Thelma and Louise ). The judge sounded like Harry Dean Stanton, but did not look like him. The plaintiff's attorney reminded me of Florida's Katharine Harris. One witness looked a little like Stubby Kaye. None of the jurors looked like Henry Fonda.


Oh, and I sprained my ankle while walking outside the courthouse. X-rays were negative. But I am very grumpy, so watch out.

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Hope you're feeling a bit better, Rich.


I had my own jury duty last month and thought I would hate it, but it turned out rather pleasant, because everything was pretty "user-friendly". We had a sympathetic deputy with a great sense of

humor (and a lot of years doing her job) who put us all at ease.

I thought it was interesting that the first thing the judge said when we

walked into the jury room was "I know none of you want to be here,

and you think you've got better things to do". How did she know, lol?

But she was nice too. The prosecuting attorney looked like Peter

Coyote. The whole trial was like something out of Ricki Lake.


I'm glad I did my civic duty, but I'm happy it's over.

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Sorry to hear about the sprained ankle, Rich.

Somehow I didn't really think they'd allow cameras in the courtroom or that you'd be taking pictures.

Hope you heal quickly and feel better so that we can get back to harassing you like normal.

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