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Just saw these photos; I enjoy the work of both men but never caught the resemblance. Patrick is our local boy made good and I hope his career is as long as Paul's. The whole Wilson family are first class people who give back much of themselves.


I'll bee off the Board for a week for my annual trip to my Mom's place in Jacksonville for my Saturday birthday. If this year is like the last, I'll be spending another week catching up of all I'll miss. Stay safe, everybody.

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> {quote:title=MilesArcher wrote:}{quote}A young Robert Alda was on TCM this morning in "The Beast With Five Fingers" I thought that he looked a lot like a young Cary Grant. Could someone please post pictures of them? Thanks.

Here ya go, Miles...


A young Robert Alda



And a young Cary Grant



(...yep, there is kind of a resemblance there, I'd say)

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> {quote:title=Dargo wrote:}{quote}David Letterman



> And his "dad" ;) ...Joseph Cotten

I'll tell you who else Letterman looks like Dargo, is a young Buddy Ebsen. Somebody needs to post pictures of those two.

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Hmmmmm..."Buddy Ebsen" ya ask, eh Monty?! Well, maybe a little, but I'm not quite seeing that as much as I am with Joseph, but here's a picture of Buddy for ya anyway...






(...though come to think of it, I believe I HAVE heard that Letterman is ALSO highly allergic to aluminum dust, and thus the reason you'll never catch him dressing up for Halloween as the Tin Man EITHER!!!) ;)

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Well hey, finance! Don't blame ME just because in his later years Franchot Tone never did any cameos in any of those Beach Blanket movies, dude!!! :0 ;)


Actually, I thought of this while watching Keaton in that "Bed, Bath and Beyond"...err...I mean, that "Parlor, Bedroom and Bath" movie last night.


Soooo, you're not seein' it here, eh?!

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