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Disruptive because they cannot sing!! But still do the job

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What I have noticed about the last grouping of musical films is that they let the leads sing their own parts - Rosalind Russell, Lucille Ball, Peter O'Toole, most of the actors in "1776", Omar Shariff, and on.  NO one could tell Lucy not to sing once "Ricky" was no longer in charge, I assume, and thank goodness because as bad as her voice could be, her rendition of "If He Walked Into My Life Today" still brings raging tears to my eyes.  And it was about time we got rid of the "looping" But I am watching "Funny Girl" yet again and I think it is OVER-directed.  The exact eye angle from Fanny when Nicky looks at her in this way or that.  The Broadway show must have been phenomenal because you can't do that much.  It also makes her the standout singing wise because her opposite lead cannot at all.  

I have to add that while I adore the song "People" - I do NOT understand the lyrics at all.  I think people who need people are the needy ones that have created a world of spoiled kids!!  (not really joking - just trying to understand that lyric for years and years!)

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16 hours ago, Joshua Goodstein said:

Rosalind Russell didn't do her own singing in Gypsy, she was dubbed by Lisa Kirk.

That was not her in "Funny, isn't it?"???  Sounds an awful lot like her - where they sometimes don't make an effort to pick up a "tone".  The one thing I truly hated about the film "West Side Story" was the awful dubbing for Natalie Wood. 

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