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Can someone explain this?


The “on-screen” depiction of Fanny Brice is not totally accurate, and Streisand’s interpretation is not completely authentic to who Brice was. But the screen character is completely authentic, and the performance is thoroughly believable, unforgettable, and inescapably transitional.

(Curated by Vanessa Theme Ament and Richard Edwards)

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She means that Fanny Brice the person wasn't really like Fanny Brice the character, but Fanny the character was a believable persona thanks to Streisand's performance. Sometimes with biopics, you have performers who are so obsessed with getting their portrayals accurate that they become stilted, self-conscious, and feel like an imitation. Streisand was loose enough that she cared more about making a fully rounded character than a perfect clone of the real Fanny. 

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Streisand also changed hairstyles throughout the film, moving to the short, sleek contemporary 1960's style that was her trademark, rather than Brice's 20's bob with curls.  She was herself playing Fanny Brice, rather than trying to exactly copy Fanny Brice.

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