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Exactly how many precodes were removed from the original June schedule?


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You know I thought it was my imagination that the pre-code films and older films (silents in particular) were being neglected for more films from later eras and now I see where I was correct. I'm checking and rechecking the schedules but I do think that the older films were shown more in past years.

Some of these can't been seen anywhere else. It's why I became such a fan of TCM. They were paying attention now I'm not so sure.

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We have a great summer of silents and pre-codes, especially in June with the Salute to Asian Images.


Carole Lombard is an upcoming Star of the Month, *The Black Bird* is coming and even during SUTS we have had some terrific Marie Dressler, Chaplin and Garbo films.


The schedule the last few months seems more weighted towards films from the classic era of Hollywood than ever before.

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I have stacks of pre-codes to get through, thanks to TCM and a few good sellers on Ebay. Also, Barbara Stanwyck day has a bunch of pre-codes to look forward to.


Looking over the September schedule, it looks pretty good for pre-codes because the star of the month, kay francis worked a lot in that era. Kay Francis is an actress I only know through her films in the late 30s, early forties, which I understand are a lot different from her earlier stuff.


September 4th Shere are two Kay francis pre-codes being shown, One Way Passage and I Loved a Woman.


September 16th There are a couple of pre-codes in the a.m.: Chid of Manhattan and lady by Choice.


September 18th pre-code Horror movie, The Ghoul, and two more kay Francis pre-codes, Transgression and the Keyhole.


September 24th: Frank Capra pre-code, lady for a Day.


On Sept. 25th one of the most infamous and interesting pre-codes: Mandalay and Doctor Monica.Also Storm at Daybreak and Guilty Hands.

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I would so love to see more precodes, esp. with Bette Davis and Kay Francis. I've seen a few and they are remarkable - certainly not the only good actors, but truly gems of their day and why do we not see more precodes? I'm also miffed at the price of the new precodes like Rafter Romance and Double Harness - almost $20 a clip but similar movies go for only $8.99. What's up with that?

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