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What movie is this quote from??!!

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I was listening to MIKA's "Grace Kelly" and they say a quote in the beginning that I've heard- I just can't place it with the right movie. As soon as I know what movie it is, I'm hit myself for not remembering!!

" I want to talk to you"

"The last time we talked, Mr. Smith, you reduced me to tears. I promise you it won't happen again."



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Hi, Jillian -- I have tries to look it up- and all i get results for is the song lyrics for "Grace Kelly" by MIKA


This is what I found Googlin':


Who is the girl doing the voice in Grace Kelly ?


An actress, hired after a casting... But the actress is only doing the first sentence : "The last time we talked Mr SMITH you reduced me to tears, I promise you it won't happen again". Mika is doing the 2 other sentences "Getting angry doesn't solve anything" AND "Humphrey we're leaving", his voice being modified to look like a sample... According to an interview he gave on the radio a few time ago. He said it himself. But now that we know that he's keen on inventing things for the interviews, and that his humour is quite sarcastic, it COULD be one of his jokes... But he said it wasn't a joke... Can we trust that ?? I don't know. I'm just quoting, and there's no way to check and make it sure.,Mr.Smith,youreducedmetotears.I+promiseyouitwon%27thappenagain.filmmovie&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=11&gl=us

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