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Laurel and Hardy "not in Canada yet"


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Feature films - "Sons Of The Desert" followed by "Way Out West."


Shorts, take your pick. "The Music Box", "Big Business", "Brats", "Men O' War", etc. They did many fine silent shorts but they are hard to come by.


Lots of great stuff.

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In my opinion only, the best L & H film was, without a doubt, "The Music Box".

I live in L.A. and it's possible to go to Silverlake and see a street named Music Box Street, where it was filmed. I understand it won an Academy Award when it was released.

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Every August TCM has a Summer Under The Stars festival where each day they highlight the movies of one star only. August 23 is the day they will show only L&H films. They will show a combination of feature films and short films.


Courtesy of a poster named "filmlover" here is a list of stars for August.


1. Michael Caine

2. Charlie Chaplin

3. Gregory Peck

4. Marie Dressler

5. Claude Rains

6. Anne Bancroft

7. Greta Garbo

8. James Garner

9. Fred MacMurray

10. Doris Day

11. Richard Widmark

12. Kim Novak

13. Peter Lorre

14. Greer Garson

15. Rita Hayworth

16. Fred Astaire

17. Gene Kelly

18. Jack Palance

19. Barbara Stanwyck

20. Edward G. Robinson

21. Ava Gardner

22. Trevor Howard

23. Laurel and Hardy

24. Henry Fonda

25. Ingrid Bergman

26. Janet Leigh

27. Tony Curtis

28. Charlton Heston

29. Marlon Brando

30. Katherine Hepburn

31. Spencer Tracy

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Thanks for the info. I checked the TCM Schedule for August. I am soooooooo disappointed. Its not playing on the CANADIAN TCM Schedule.. The CANADIAN Schedule is totally different from the American Schedule. What a disappointment for us Canadian Laurel and Hardy fans. We fans are not getting any younger. Someday people will say Laurel and Hardy who? I hope TCM shows the L&H movies in Canada before that happens.

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I know how frustrated you are, but there is absolutely nothing TCM can do about it. If the Canadian rights are not available to them, they can't show the films. It's as simple as that. Think about how much easier it would be for TCM if they didn't have to have two different schedules, but they have to. The two usual reasons the rights aren't available to TCM are that some station or network in Canada has those rights under contract or the American distributor doesn't have the Canadian rights to offer TCM.

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