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By Any Other Name..


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You are right...I DO know old songs and each time I get under way with By Any Other Name, Pandora is playing alot of them. Thank you for the clip of Buster...and Bud & Lou. Can film be anymore entertaining than watching those?



Well, here's your solution: The Champions are poetry in motion while dancing to Smoke Gets In Your Eyes in Lovely To Look At.



Here's one from '61: "My Sweet Lord" singer ...... Harrison Charles Boyer played ...e le Moco in Algiers Perry Como sang of Roses of Pic...y postal abbreviation for Wisconsin .. Metropolitan opera soprano Beverly ..... Cher and company fall under a spell in "....struck" Pittsburgh was home to the Three .....s Stadium Toby Maguire & Michael Douglas starred in The Won... Boys that drummer Beatle ....o Starr anticipated every Spring at the ball diamond, ....... Day 2012 seniors need a required number of ....... to graduate broadway hit Babes .. Arms Wheaties are the ......... of Champions Phil Harris sings Muskr.. Ramble on That's What I Like about Phil Harris actress from the 60's appeared in One Two Three, Pamela ...... + old favorite of Raggedy Ann, the Camel with the wrinkled ......



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The Champions are, of course, Marge and Gower Champion. I couldn't come up with a clue for Gower's first name. Here they are.




Yours is: *George Peppard whistles "Moon River" during the opening credits of "Breakfast At Tiffany's".* However, in the words of former pitcher Roger Clemens, I think you may have mis-remembered. Here is that clip.






I did like the clues, however. Now try this.



Paul Simon Had A Hit With "Call Me ________" "Uptown Girl" Was Sung By Billy ________ Dusty Springfield Sang "______ Of A Preacher Man" Ziggy Elman Wrote "_____ The Angels Sing" Kenny Rogers And The First Edition Recorded "________, Don't Take Your Love To Town" He Sang "Bless Your Beautiful Hide" To Jane Powell Barbara Mandrell's Youngest Sister Is Named ___lene Edna Ferber Wrote "______ Boat" Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch Had a Sixties Hit With "The Two Of ______" Marlo Thomas Was "_____ Girl" Irving Berlin Wrote "I ______ A Piano" Will Rogers Starred In "Life _______ At Forty" The Vogues Had a Hit With "Turn ______, Look At Me" Eugene O'Neill Wrote "______, Wilderness" Johnny Mercer And Harold Arlen Wrote "It's _________ _____ Three, There's No One In The Place Except You And Me" Ed Wood Directed "Plan ______ From Outer Space" Frank Sinatra Sang "_____The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning" Dylan Thomas Wrote "Do Not ______ Gentle ________ That Good Night" Judy Sang "Once Again As In Olden Days, Happy Golden Days Of ________, Faithful Fiends Who Are Dear To Us, Gather Near To Us Once More"+ Frankie Carle Had A Hit With " It Was Just A Neighborhood ________, That's All That It Was, But Oh, What It Seemed To Be"



This one was tough to compose. I was trying to find new clues for some worde that we have had before. Again, if you know old songs, composers, and authors, you'll be able to solve it. Give it a shot!

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If you say mis-remembered I'll take your word..the soundtrack info gave George credit for whistling....I hadn't posted anyone whistling so gave it a shot. My text of authority is The Book of Miles Archer so...George loses.



That clue about the camel in Raggedy Ann and Andy came from Jonathan Schwartz on Sirius-XM 40's. A couple of Sundays ago, he gave credit to a REAL camel singing "Blue" in Raggedy Ann and Andy and told of the problems in finding one that could sing...how silly. Have you ever heard of this??



Answer to yours: Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler show us that Love Begins around (about) a quarter to Nine in Go Into Your Dance.



So, I'll try another: Tear jerker from Lionel Barrymore, The Voice of Bugle ... 70's TV series starring Hal Linder, Barney ...... Randy Newman song "He ..... .. All His Love" Siskel & Ebert gave 2 ...... .. or down on their movie reviews Billy Joel had a hit with "... So It Goes" Winston Churchill gaves us the sign of Peace, .. Hemingway title ... Whom the Bell Tolls overseer Wilkerson at Tara, ...... Jo.. song lyric .. between time, Ain't We got Fun? Army bugler plays morning ........ Maggie Smith, Judi Dench share Tea ... Mussolini + wife/mother of Vacation fame, ....... D'Angelo.



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"Go Into Your Dance" was the only movie that Al and then wife Ruby did together. Here is their big number.





[Y|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr5XQ9BhOqM]ours is *Ann Miller Gives Us "Thumbs Up And V For Victory" In "Reveille With Beverly"*.

That was one of those flag-waving, morale boosting, wartime musicals that were so popular Here is a bit of that production number.






[N|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBsEYcuwm0I]ow try this:


Rob Reiner Directed "The ______ Thing" He Was TV's Matt Houston He Was Gunther On TV's "Car 54, Where Are You?" 1995 Film "To Wong Foo, __________ For Everything, Julie Newmar" Howdy Doody's Pal Was Buffalo ________ ________ Lange Was Featured In "Peyton Place" Ray Price Sang "____ ____ Good Times" Wylie Watson Played Mr. __________ In "The 39 Steps" Rodgers And Hart Wrote "_______ ________ Mountain Greenery" Jimmy Dean Sang About "____, Bad John" Oscar Winning Musical "The __________way Melody" Tom Hanks Starred In "______ Away" Johnny Mathis Sang "Until The Twelfth _____ Never" "A Stitch In Time Saves _______" Mark Dinning Had A Sad Hit With "________ Angel" Jennifer Garner Starred In "13 Going On __________" "I'm In The Mood For Love" Was Introduced In "Every Night At _______"




By the time they made "The Jolson Story" in the forties, Al and Ruby were divorced and apparently it was a bitter one. Ruby would not allow the producers of "The Jolson Story" to use her name, so they changed the name of Al's dancer wife in the movie to Julie Benson. Of course, everyone knew who it was supposed to be.



Hey Edythe, how are your Brewers doing this year without Mr. Fielder?

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Back again...




Here's your puzzle solved:




Shirley Ross Thanks Bob Hope for the Memory in The Big Broadcast of 1938.




Must be when Bob picked up his signature song??




Your video of Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler was really interesting. There was a 14 yr old girl whose comment caught my eye...on her appreciation of Al Jolson and what it meant to her. Makes me very proud of our youth.




Okay, here's my next:




Sesame Street muppet that lives in a trash can ...... Tommy Dorsey hit, .**** One Ruffalo and Wahlberg are 2..... Natalie Wood starred in Sex and the ....le Girl a Brewer player injured himself when he .... into 2nd base (hmpfff) famous operatic diva Mar.. Callas Eastwood's best picture ... Unforgiven little guy Herve Villechaize played ...... on Fantasy Island standard In the Moo. May Robson film .... for a Day cartoon heavy .... E Coyote Mudville legend Casey .. ... Bat John Cleese and troupe head up Monty Python's Flying ......

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Here's Bob and Shirley after a little bit of business from W.C. Fields. Check out the hat on Shirley.




They re-teamed a year later for a movie called "Thanks For The Memory" in which they sang Hoagy Carmichael's "Two Sleepy People". Yours is:

*Groucho Marx Sings "Lydia The Tattooed Lady" While At The Circus.* The song was written by the same songwriters who did the songs for "The Wizard Of Oz". Here it is:




Virginia Weidler sings a bit of it in "The Philadelphia Story". Now try this:


Frank Sinatra Sang "Don't Give Up Too Soon, If You Stub Your _____ On The Moon" Hit Song From The Forties, "I'll _____ Seeing You" World War II Song, "Coming In On A _______ _______ A Prayer" Ralph Byrd Played Comic Strip Detective _____ Tracy A Gathering Of Native Americans Is Sometimes Called A ______ Wow Rodgers And Hart Wrote "There's A Small Hotel With A Wishing ______" Elvis Asked The Musical Question "______ You Lonesome Tonight?" Mr. Ed's Owner Was Played By Alan ______ Perry Como Sang "_____ I Love You So" Ben Franklin Is Credited With Saying "Early To Bed And Early To Rise Makes A Man _______, Wealthy, And Wise" Bing Crosby Starred In "Holiday ________" Disneyland Is One Of The Settings For "_______ Pounds Of Trouble" Barbra Streisand Had A Modest Hit With "__________ Hand Rose" + Perry Mason's Secretary Was Della _________


Did I include enough clues with old crooners?

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They sure wore funny hats then,,,Thanks for the video. I hope this thread finds you:




Toby Wing and Dick Powell are YOUNG and HEALTHY in 42nd Street.




My next is a tribute to 3 men that are legends in the game of baseball: Actress in Talk of the Town .... Arthur bartender Woody of Cheers had a girlfriend, wrote a song with only one word, her name ..... last words from Rhett as he leaves .....ly my dear,(etc) perfume of the A list from Lanvin My ... slave ship to be on exhibit in CT the .mistad the mockingbird sang ...la la twiddle de dee dee Chordettes sang of Mr. S...man author of 20.000 Leagues under the Sea ..... Verne buttery carmel corn snack Crunch and ..... mayor's wife of River City, Eulalie Mackechnie .... asked of Sam in Casablanca .... it Again Sam DOA star Edmund ...... Cagney film One .. Three Spielberg war film Saving Private .... sequel, The Godfather .. famous for leaning out her window and Yoo hoo, Molly ........ Gershwin classic Rhapsody .. Blue + what we stand and sing at the 7th inning stretch ____________________

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Toby Wing was a seventeen year old plucked from the chorus for this number. You may have seen it before, but probably not in color. Here it is:





That last shot is what Busby Berkely called his "Tunnel of Cheesecake". He used that in several films. Yours is another Busby Berkely number, *Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Jules Munshin play O'Brien to Ryan To Goldberg in "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".* I'm sorry, but I could not find a video clip of that. Now try this:



Line From A Holiday Song "_______ We Now Our Gay Apparel" Hemingway Wrote "The _______ Man And The Sea" A Line From "The Lady Is A Tramp" is "I'm Broke, But It's ________" First Name Of The Actress Who Played Miss Galore In "Goldfinger" Director John Waters Often Uses An Actress Named Mink ________ On A Typical Treasure Map, X Marks _______ __________ James MacArthur Starred In "The __________ In The Forest" "________ Here To Eternity" Kurt Russell's Father Gene Kelly Starred In "The ______ Of Lorraine" Actress ______ Arthur Was TV's "Maude" Nancy _______ Sluggo _________ Savage Starred In TV's "The Wonder Years" Silent Movie Director _______ Sennett The Newswriter At WJM-TV Sinatra Sang "_____ ________ Wee _________ Hours Of The Morning" He Played Renfield In The Original "Dracula" Hit Song "Love Potion _________ 9" "I'm _____ The Mood For Love" Buddy And Vilma Ebsen Join Eleanor Powell As They "________ Before Breakfast" In "The Broadway Melody Of 1936" Freddie And The Dreamers Had A Hit With "I'm Telling _______ Now" + Marlene Dietrich Starred In "Seven ___________"


A mixture of clues in this one.

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All good clues: Donald O'Connor stole the spotlight from Bing Crosby and Fred McMurray in the Small Fry number in Sing You Sinners.



My reference of O'Brien to Ryan to Goldberg...I found Baseball's Sad Lexicon Tinker to Evers To Chance on YouTube while watching Dick Powell & Toby Wing.



My next: Audrey II voiced by Levi .....s Louie Mayer's middle initial . star of Les Girls ... Kendall star of Dillinger ...... Oate .. The Night before Christmas original title A Vi... from St Nicholas The Nicholas Bros sang & danced to .... Argentina Way Willie Nelson sang ...'.. Always on My Mind Xmas tune ......' around the Christmas Tree TV show from'70s with Gavin MacLeod ... Love .... Judy Garland film .. The Good Old Summertime Yellowstone Park bubbling .....er Old Faithful The Honeymooners pals Ralph ... Norton '67 film Valley of The .....



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This was Donald O'Connor's first movie. Here is the clip:





Bing and Donald would work together eighteen years later in "Anything Goes". Yours is *Stubby Kaye Warns "Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat" In "Guys And Dolls"*.Here it is:




Now try this:



Chris Farley Starred In "______ Boy" James Cagney Starred In "Never ______ Anything Small" A Popular TV Show In The Fifties Was "The Many ______ Of Dobie Gillis" Virginia Mayo Starred In "_____ ______ From Jones Beach" Marlo Thomas Was "_____ Girl" In "Show Boat", Julie Sings "_____ Just My Bill, An Ordinary Guy" Milton Berle's Theme Song Was Called "________ You" Jitterbug Hit "____ The Mood" Mickey Rooney Starred As Huck ________ French Film "Claire's _________" Belonging To Miss Shirley Of Green Gables Miss Sadie Thompson Was A Character In "________" Son Of Ashley And Melanie Wilkes


One of my shorter ones!

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Tommy Steele loves The Girl He's Near in Finian's Rainbow.













Thank you much for Stubby's #. Here's my next:













Partner of Lorenz Hart _____ ______ wrote a series of musicals including Doris Day sang _ Moonlight Bay Cole Porter song _____ the Top sequel to Life with Father, Belles On Their ____ featuring MLB right fielder, Enos _____ Sonny & Cher sang The Beat Goes ___ Last little indian is the ____ indian + Easter Parade goes down Fifth ____.

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Richard Rodgers' musical "On Your Toes" featuring "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue"


give me a sec...


Another song, source, and author, why not:

On ___ Town MASH's Colonel ___ T Potter The Marx ____ +wrote the songs for the movie Nat King Cole tune "__ Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot" South Pacific tune "___ Talk" Tony Bennett song "The B___ is Yet to Come" Classic Disney short "The Old ___" Modern Disney film "The ___ King" Line from a West Side Story song: "The ___ is humming, and something great is coming" +including the song John Ford's "___ Apache" "___ Are My Lucky Star" "The Wizard of ___" Dorothy's end goal, the Emerald ___


Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Jun 10, 2012 4:55 PM

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I've got a lot of catching up to do. "When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love, I Love The Girl I'm Near" is a creed that many men have tried to follow, but with very limted success. Here is Tommy Steele with that rendition.




"Slaughter On Tenth Avenue" was performed by Gene Kelly and Vera-Ellen in "Words And Music". I think we have that clip here:






The latest is:

*The Sherman brothers wrote the songs for the movie "The Happiest Millionaire", including the song "Fortuosity".* *Tommy Steele did that one, too. Here he is:*






Now try this:



Beatles Hit "Hey ________" "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" Was A Hit For Elton John And Kiki __________ She Played Mrs. Neary In "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" Doug McLure Film "The ______ That Time Forgot" Larry Parks Starred In "Jolson _______ Again" "Lavender Blue" Is Featured In "So __________ To My Heart" :They Call Me ___________ Tibbs" Gene Kelly's Role In "On The Town" He Played The German Ship's Captain In "The African Queen" "You're ______ The Army Now!" Mark Twain Wrote "The Innocents A_________" :Do You Know The _________ To San Jose?" Donovan Sang "They Call Me ______ Yellow" Song From "Grease", "Look At Me, I'm Sandra _________" Gershwin Show "______ Thee I Sing" Disney TV Drama "The _______ Lives Of Elfego Baca" Dion And The Belmonts Sang "Why Must I Be A _______ager In Love?" Jack Webb's Movie About a Newspaper With A Deadline" Another Beatles Hit "______ Days A Week"



Beatles clues to begin and end this one!

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Lots of new clues used...very good! It's: Judy Garland sings Dear Mr. Gable in Broadway Melody of 1938.




Here comes my next: Star of I'll See You in My Dreams ..... Thomas the only g-g-g-girl that I adore, k-k-k-...tie Costner's Oscar winning film, ...... with Wolves Hope/Crosby took The Road .. Morocco Frank Sinatra's lyrics ....go, ....go that Toddllin' Town Tracy/Gable movie .... Town Ben Vereen role in Roots ....ken George Cary Grant/ Carole Lombarde film .. Name Only Gregory Peck /Ava Gardner film .. ... Beach + Cote d'Azur is the French .......

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*Danny Kaye dances to "chica chica boom chic" in ON THE RIVIERA*

(Excellent. I never would have gotten that if I hadn't just seen ROOTS for the first time and known about Chicken George.)



Old TV Show "Walt ____ The Wonderful World of Color" MY MAN GODFREY's ___ Brady TEN LITTLE __DIANS THAT THING YOU DO band, the ______s "How'd you like to spend Christmas on Christmas Is___?" +featuring the song ___ YOUR WAGON PETER PAN tune "Follow___ ___ Leader" New Year's Day Parade is also called the Tournament of ___ Parade Sleeping Beauty had lips that shame the __ rose +sung by Cole Porter tune "You're ___ Top" Classic oldie "They Call Me ___ Yellow" + ROBIN HOOD: ___ IN TIGHTS


Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Jun 13, 2012 5:35 PM

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I'll post another:



Famous hole at The Master's Tournament at Augusta is .... corner sung by rocker of the Sex Pistols ... Vicious a Dad's day tribute ala Al Jolson, lyric Climb upon my .... sonny boy traditional fare at a luau ... actress in Fun with Dick and Jane ... Leoni Billy Joel musical, Mov .. Out quote of Katharine Hepburn " the calla ...... are in bloom '46 musical featuring Brer Rabbit and Uncle Remus, Song .. ... South + baseball film ..... of Dreams.



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*"Amen" sung by Sidney Poitier in "Lillies Of The Field"*

Very good clues. I'm glad that I'm a golfer and knew the first one. Here is a clip.




Now try this one:



Alternative Title For "Londonderry Air" Is "________ Boy" Diane Keaton's Role In "The Godfather" Old Song "I ________ Give You Anything But Love, Baby" Sandra ______ Was The Movie's First Gidget Jane Fonda Was Featured In "Walk On The Wild _____" Old Song "____ You Were The Only Girl In _____ World" An Air Rifle Fires A Small __________ James Bond Film "The Man _____ ______ Golden Gun" Tuesday Weld Starred In "Pretty _________" "The Proof ______ __ _______ Pudding" Garth Brooks Sang "I Will Sail My __________" Ethel Merman Sang "I'm The Hostess _______ ________ Mostess Of Them All" One Who Thinks Negative Thoughts Is A ______simist The Ledge At The Bottom Of A Window Is The ________ "To Be _____ Not To Be" Paul Newman Starred In "____ Silver _______ " John O'Hara Wrote "______ ______ Terrace" Susan Sarandon Starred In "White _________" Famous Short Story "The Lady ______ ________ Tiger" The Name Of The Fawn In "The Yearling" Craig Stevens Was TV's "Peter ________" "Go ______ _____ Flow" Helen Reddy Starred In "Pete's ___________" A Judge Cries "Order _____ _____ ____________" ___________ Hairston Played Rolly In The TV series "Amen"



Another "Amen" clue. This one took a while to compose. Good Luck!

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As soon as I figured this one out it made me so happy:

*Danny Kaye can't decide if the pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the pestle or the chalice from the palace or the flagon with the dragon in the Court Jester*




next, a song from many songs:

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat featured the song "Close Every ___" +Music Man song "The Wells Fargo Wagon __ a-comin' down the street" Oklahoma song "Many a New ___" sang another Joseph... song "___ Dream Will Do" Streisand hit "The ___ We Were" Pocahontas song "Colors of ___ ___" Elton John song "Tell Me when the whistle __" +in the film Beatles lyric "Help me get my feet back on the ground, won't you ___ help me?" Bobby McFerrin hit "___ Worry, Be Happy" Weird Al's parody of "Beat It" was called "___ It" Mel Torme wrote and sang "___ Christmas Song" + The Gershwins wrote "I got ___ in green pastures"


Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Jun 17, 2012 7:21 PM

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Good work on solving Miles' brain teaser.




Yours has some good clues as well:




Doris Day sang Anyway The Wind Blows in Please Don't Eat the Daisies.


Here's mine:


Song cheers for the ballyhoo and Hip hoo... of Hollywood the song says "Life Is Just A .... of Cherries Fred Astaire's dancing partner Gin... Rogers plays Himself Christopher Reeve starred in Somewhere .. Time old radio classic ... ..... Gildersleeve David Bowie aka ...gy Stardust + Joe Dimaggio's mark was made in center .....

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I've got some catching up to do. Here is Danny Kaye as "The Court Jester". Please watch at least the first half of the clip. Lonesome Polecat should enjoy it.



Now here is Doris Day with "Any Way The Wind Blows".





The new one is:

*Ray Bolger Plays Himself In "The Great Zeigfeld"*

And here he is:






Did you see some of the steps that he would later use as the Scarecrow? Now try this:



Frannces McDormand Starred In "_________ Canyon" Mutt ______ Jeff Henry Fonda Film "Welcome To ________ Times" Danielle Spencer's Role In TV's "What's Happening?" Popular Commercial Jingle "I'd Like To Teach The World To _____ In Perfect Harmony" "Go Tell It _____ ________ Mountain" Fred MacMurray Starrred In "The Oregon _______" Jeff Bridges Starred In "Hearts ____ ________ West" One Of Our Posters Is Known As _________ Polecat In "White Christmas" The Ski Lodge Was Located In _____ Tree, Vermont, And It Was Called The Columbia _______ Sinatra And Kelly Starred In "Anchors A_________" Old Song Lyric "Here We Are, ________ Of Cigarettes, Holding Hands And Yawniing, Look How Late It Gets" Robert Wise Directed "_______ Side Story"



I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that commercial jingle clue. I hope you're humming.

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Excellent video of Ray Bolger. How did he do that? Lots of good clues here: Laurel and Hardy sing On The Trail of The Lonesome Pine in Way Out West.




For mine: Mr Giles French portrayer in To Rome with Love '70 TV series, Sebastian C .... Walter Brennan was part of The One ... Only Genuine, Original Family Band voiced Bob Cutlass in Cars, Bob ....as Lionel Ritchie hit, ..... a TCM favorite Doris ... Matthew Broderick played Ferris ...ller old adage "when .. Rome" Gable and Colbert costarred in It Happened ... ..... Alec Guiness played The Man .. ... White Suit + latitude lines, ..... of Cancer and Capricorn

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Abbott and Costello debut in "One Night In The Tropics"


Dan Dailey Played Pitcher Dizzy ________ Dion Sang "Abraham, ________, And John" "Jolson ________ Again" Phil Harris Sang "_________ What I Like About The South" The Gershwins Wrote "You've Made My Life So Glamorous, You Can't Blame Me For Feeling _________ous" In "The Sound Of Music", Julie Andrews Sang "______, A Drop Of Golden Sun" Rodney Allen Ripley Did Commercials For "Jack _____ ______ Box" + Rodney Dangerfield Was Featured In "_______ Shack"


Two clues with people named Rodney!

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Dean Martin sings "That's Amore" in The Caddy




Next: Leslie Caron title role from '61 _____ ______ Dallas Howard costarred in The Help Johnny Cash' lyric Mama _ Tenor Charlie Chaplin movie from 1914 Getting Ac____ed Chi Sun Times critic Roger __bert Ann Jillian played ____ June in Gypsy old, old song Come To __ my Melancholy Baby Cole Porter song __ the Still of the Night Dean Martin hit "______ loves somebody, Sometime" + famed hole in one Master, Vijay ____

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