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Yes, there are lots of two-legged rats like Frankie in Manrattan, too.


I thought Eleanor was gorgeous and acted the best along with that

blonde, Cheryl Barker (perfect name!). I knew a few Cheryl's and Frankies

during my stint in La La Land. :)


I have to confess though, I fell asleep right after Frankie passed a

few dollars to Peter Lawford. Boil me in oil!


I had so many unintentional laughs up till then. This movie is a crisis!


How much were the stars paid to take roles like Broderick Crawford playing

that hick-town Sheriff? What a waste! Proof that some material so awfully

bad that not even the cast of dreams can save it! You know what I thought

were the worst scenes? The ones that tried too hard to be legit. Like Jill

crying over Frankie when Hymie tells her about his childhood (I know what

was missing during his childhood and it wasn't a nicer mother).


So how does it end? I missed this dream you mention---what brings it

on? Sleep? Or something else?

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The most distinguished thing about *The Oscar* is that it makes

all my favorite "bad" movies of the 60s seem so good in comparison.


Especially moments like this! I missed Hymie's "meltdown", lol




(It looks like this clip automatically segues into footage from

"Something's Got to Give", Marilyn's last, incomplete film.

Even incomplete, it's still better than The Oscar! )


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Tossed in with all the great photos on this page is the movie ad for The Best of Everything which happens to be one of my favorite bad movies. Although it is so soap opera-y, there is something about it that draws me to it whenever its on. One of her last films, this one made me like Joan Crawford (in this film only - most of her career I couldn't stand her), but this part just seemed so natural for her - the top businesswoman looking for a real life. Diane Baker so sweet, Suzy Parker so gullible. As suave as Stephen Boyd is in this (a rarity for him), I would find it hard to resist him also. He sure looks good here, better than in Ben Hur. The whole thing is a mixture of fine acting and people who should be selling tickets instead of up on the screen. Movies like this help the average movie fan know the difference between a real acting talent and a bad one, but the story of all the girls is good, and it's a good one to get together with the girls for a women only night.



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Hi Anne!


I enjoy *The Best of Everything* like a guilty pleasure, as you do. My favorite

scenes are between Joan Crawford and Brian Aherne.


Today I'm enjoying switching between McLintock! and "The Twilight Zone"

marathon on SciFi.

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Gee, it was a relief to see Marilyn's angelic face after the debacle of Tony's "big" scene and the crashing chandelier.


I'm boiling the oil now, lol. I told you to drink coffee!


I forgot to tell you that Walter Brennan was in this too as the television executive with clean-living ideas about the actors he hires. What is a 3 time Oscar winner doing here?? I thought Merle looked beautiful from her podium, and Elke's black and white evening gown was stunning. Did you notice how 42 year old Sophie Cantero is made to seem over the hill? Berle: "You have many minutes left in your life".

Boyd: "Old lady!!!!"


Frankie's nightmare (badly done but why isn't this surprising) comes about because he's scared of losing everything so we see all the so-called important people in his life popping up in the special effects 101 dream sequence as they look into the camera and restate all their previous awful dialogue reminding him what a louse he is. It's fear and not conscience that brings all this on. Usually with an anti-hero there are some redeeming character traits, but Boyd plays it for the jugular at every turn -- he's so mind-numbingly ruthless there's just no respite from him.


Did you record this? Because the ending is the "best" part (and not in the way you think) I won't give spoilers!

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Unfortunately there wasn't enough room on my disc and the movie failed to record more

than a few minutes. You can give me spoilers, although I think I can guess what they

are, ha!


Yes, I missed Walter, darn it, and Merle. I thought that was sad what Uncle Milty

told Eleanor Parker, and she was the most beautiful woman in the movie!


I guess, like Rich said, this IS a satire? I hope so! Imagine if it was supposed

to be taken literally.


They must have got some huge paychecks to take those roles.

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I love THE BEST OF EVERYTHING too. A New York that still had glamour. One of my favorite scenes is Hope Lange (with white gloves and pearls) trying to secure her place at the lunch counter, then squeezing in and ordering a hamburger and a glass of milk. Such simpler times, lol.


Stephen Boyd is very sexy there, unlike THE OSCAR, where for the life of me I can't understand why any female would think Frankie Fane is attractive; he's such a jerk, he's not even a good bad-boy.

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> {quote:title=mrsl wrote:}{quote}

> Tossed in with all the great photos on this page is the movie ad for The Best of Everything which happens to be one of my favorite bad movies.



I don't believe I've watched *The Best of Everything*, but it sounds appealing. For anyone who is interested, the movie is available for free at hulu.com:



(You only have to watch a commercial for *Australia*, apparently!)

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Nah, I've got TZ on too! I'm about to order a pizza with everything and just relax and enjoy the last bits of 2008.


I tried to see the coconut carpet today but Mom held me off yet again because she didn't get everything in its place yet. But tomorrow I'm taking her out for a New Year buffet and then going back to her apt.


Message was edited by: Bronxgirl48

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