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Oh, you betcha! :P


They had everything. Chocolate, marshmallows, all the things you'd expect in a chocolate or candy factory. They probably even had things you've never heard of.


But I have to confess, although I don't usually care for remakes, I kind of preferred Tim Burton's version a little bit better. I find Johnny Depp far more handsome than Gene Wilder, who is very charming but, well, he's just not the same.



(Would you accept a chocolate from this guy?)

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> (Would you accept a chocolate from this guy?)


Well, that's a tough question. I would probably feel safer if it wasn't him giving it to me, personally. But that's really just the character, not Johnny Depp. Depp, I'd accept anything from! :P

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At the risk of sounding too old-fashioned, I would have to say I always found Gene Wilder to be quite charismatic. He may not be handsome in the way that Depp is, but he usually came across as a genuinely nice, goofy kind of guy. He was great in the movies he made with Richard Pryor, and also in "The Frisco Kid", with Harrison Ford. And that's without even mentioning "The Producers" and all the great Mel Brooks comedies.

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And just what exactly is so wrong with "Force 10 From Navarone"? :P


I mean, it's obviously nowhere near as good as the original, but it's probably pretty good compared to other action movies being made at that time. And Robert Shaw is always quite compelling, I think. He was really great in almost everything he was ever in.

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Hi Bronxgirl...I haven't seen "Fatal Attraction" in its entirety in many many years. I guess this is the ultimate nightmare of any man who strays from his marriage no matter how appealing or how opportune the moment is.


?youre right The Manchurian Candidate very much shows its similarities to today's culture in so many aspects even though it was made so long ago. its freaky, but then again, unfortunately i believe it.? - ButterScotchGreer 3/26/09 - 1:08AM


Another fine movie, "The Manchurian Candidate" and I agree...so apropos today. I wouldn't be surprised of what Cheyney and Bush's legacy tour had up its sleeve. Looks like Michaela brought out all her big guns today. All laughable and ultimately all so very very sad. (And creepy). Oh well. Let's keep the ramblings going; at least we have the thread to use as reference. Since this has been going on a year...it's a fount of information.


But remember ladies, rambling is different from babbling to one's self.


By the by Bronxgirl...what movie is that picture of the Hydra from? Is it defeated by Beowulf?? What's its story? Thanx 4 any info you might have.

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Hey-ho, Maven.


Glenn Close as Alex Forrest (I'd like to believe they picked the character's last name deliberately, to represent a thicket of twisted branches, withering leaves, and decaying roots) is one of the screen's great psychos. She just WON'T be ignored. A real sicko who hides her pathology underneath a competent, intelligent exterior. But possessing an intellectual mind and an educated background is worthless if the individual is suffering from mental or emotional problems, either brought on by a traumatic childhood, or from just perhaps being a bad seed since the day they were born. In either case, their socialization skills are nil, and because they realize they are outcasts, they turn their bitterness and envy outwards. They are lonely and empty, and I could almost feel sorry for them. Almost.


Angela Lansbury in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE is also a prime villain. I'm figuring her backstory is one of poverty and deprivation, either materially or psychologically, and she no doubt has been ill-used by men. Again, this is a person who turns her bitterness and hatred outward (in a really grandiose way) in order to subvert and destroy the leading country of the free world.


I don't know the name of that Hydra movie, it just looked "appropriate" so I posted it. I first thought it was from the 60's JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, but apparently not.


But YES, back to good old-fashioned rambling! The energy expended in dealing with Hydras is very draining, but sometimes a stand needs to be taken.


Message was edited by: Bronxgirl48

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