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> {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote}

> But those cuties are looking at all their tall and tan and young and lovely countrywomen who are in their classes, not us. We're shrinking and pale and getting older....


> But we're still lovely.


:D Latin men check out ALL the ladies! Start playing those bossa nova records, gringa....

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The Brazilian flair at Christmastime sounds like an exotically fun way of melding cultures. (Are you sure you don't need a good recently retired secretary?) And just throw back a couple of Mojitoes and Caprinhinas, Bronxgirl Gilberto..."as time goes by" (and I'm still laughing) CamelMan may start looking like Breno Mello.














Okay...too far?

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> {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote}

> I have that 70 year old guy from Lebanon who I think I told you about (the one who looks like a cross between Boris Karloff and a camel) who still seems to have a crush on me. It's never anybody who looks like Ricardo Montalban.



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Unfortunately the nearest thing to alcohol we're allowed at the school party is root beer. That should make for an exciting evening, lol. Although we do get up to some rowdy fun as Rockettes kicking up our heels and belting out "Jingle Bell Rock". Last year one of our fuller-figured teachers, high on too much ginger ale, started doing something that resembled a modified shimmy, and was promptly greeted with wolf whistles by many of the male students.


All the booze in the universe couldn't make Boris Cameloff into Breno Mello. (even as "time" goes by)


Well, our secretary is actually on medical leave right now (getting a hip replacement) but she's coming back in mid-January; otherwise we'd love to have you! It's fun working here, that is, if you can put up with the occasional critter flare-ups. Last week we had a major ant infestation. The little black buggers were everywhere in our home room, crawling all over the window sills, floors, and file cabinets. Our program director sent a frantic missive to the assistant principal, stating, "They're multiplying as I write you!"


Edited by: Bronxgirl48 on Dec 13, 2009 11:20 PM

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> And as time goes by...this will make sense to you:


> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7UMZulD94s&feature=related


Unfortunately, it does.


Our Brazilian deejay never showed up at the party. Apparently the teen-ager must have had a date that night or something. (we never found out why he didn't appear)


Edited by: Bronxgirl48 on Dec 18, 2009 9:11 PM

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On 10/15/2009 at 10:08 PM, Bronxgirl48 said:


I wanted to flee after seeing ESCAPE ME NEVER. Not ten minutes into it, my mouth was already hanging open in disbelief. Here we have Ida Lupino -- Ida Lupino, ladies and gentlemen -- cooing and talking to her baby who she calls (get ready to vomit) Piccolo: "Piccolo! Sebastian is taking us to the Dolomites!" Sebastian is Errol Flynn, looking for all the world like he'd rather be fighting the nobles or the Nazis in another movie. I'm screaming at the television: "What was everybody THINKING??" I'm sorry, but Warners does not do faux period cynical/charming Molnar/Lubitsch/Mamoulian very convincingly, lol. The only minor triumph in this disaster, I thought, was Eleanor Parker as the upper-class Fenella. I felt she really understood the rondelay-ish aspect of her character and the script in general, with would-be suitor Gig Young coming second in the comprehension department.

I liked the music.

Edited by: Bronxgirl48 on Oct 16, 2009 1:25 PM

Another on of your nifty pans. I'll have to check it out. I don't think I like bad movies as much as you do;) but my interest can be lighted when they are panned by the experts.

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One of my favorite old threads. We had some All Stars here. We ran the gamut of films too. It was great fun.

If anyone wants to read some deep discussions on films this is the place. 

We also had a great discussion on Harvey that went on for over a week. Don't remember if it was here or another thread but if anyone can find it take the time to read it.

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