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Who Would You Be?

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Johnny Weissmuller. Skinny-dipping with Maureen O'Sullivan? I'm there.


Shemp Howard. Boy, could he take a slap.


Lon Chaney, Jr. I swear----I thought of putting Lon Chaney, Jr. BEFORE I read the other posts in this thread that name him. He's more popular and beloved than people think.


This old world wouldn't be worth a darn if it weren't for Lon, Shemp, and Johnny.

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I sort of always wanted to be Spencer Tracy in ?Stanley and Livingston?. I always wanted to go up before the Royal Academy or the Royal Geography Society (or whatever) and have all the world?s great scientists and geography experts boo me, then at the last minute have someone come in with a telegram proving that what I said about my explorations of darkest Africa (or the Amazon or whatever) were true. (So far, all I?ve been able to manage is a one-way ticket to palookaville.)

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If I had to be someone else, and believe you me, it would be hard for me

to want to be someone else, because, like James Brown, I always want to

jump back and kiss myself, it would be Paul Newman, for on and off the

screen success and adulation - he's admired by both men and women, he's

supremely confident in himself and he is very humanistic and altruistic.


Now, if I had to choose specific attributes, I'd want to be comprised of a mix

of the following:


- Bing Crosby's singing voice


- Richard Pryor's comic mind


- Errol Flynn's face


- Gov. Arnie's physique


- Jimmy Stewart's personality


- Stevie Wonder's musical genius (compose, play, and sing music)


- Jerry Lewis' intelligence (he's a certified genius, you know)


If I could get all of that list, I just might be persuaded to become that someone

else, but, as that new me, If I don't jump back and kiss myself, I'd want to be my

old self again!


Have a good one!

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Two characters come to mind:

Bic Benedict in "Giant" so that, after a long day of being a ranch boss, I could look forward to an evening with twenty-something Liz Taylor; and Tom Ewell's character in "The Seven Year Itch" so that I could experience the thrill of Marylin appearing on the staircase and saying "We can do this all summer!"

Real-life folks? I don't know of anybody that has it easy in this world. I'll just be me.

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I would want to be any of the classic actresses who could sing I loved the musicals growing up .Judy Garland Doris Day Katheryn Grayson .My Mom was a great paino player and I grew up with alot of the classic music from movies and learned to sing alot of them but not like the great ones though.

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Katherine Hepburn! Why? Who wouldn't? Amazing actress, intelligent and it would be so cool to hear me speak! She was so wonderfully eccentric!!!!! I love her very much!!! She had every thing!!! Also to be seen as such an icon! That would be amazing! I mean I am only thirteen and she has inspired me more than any one else!!! So to live a day in her shoes!!! Kathy all the way!!!

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I don't think I'd be anybody. Oh, there are times when I wish I was as pushy and outspoken as Hepburn or Davis, or as cool and cynical as Dietrich or could dance like Ginger Rogers or whatever, but to actually be them? With all their hang-ups and all the baggage that goes with fame? I'll pass.

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If a man, I would be either John Barrymore or Errol Flynn. Neither lived past fifty, they were drunkards and carousers, and they were both exceptionally successful, handsome, smooth and charming.

If a woman, I would be Hedy Lamarr. I would have been the most beautiful woman in the world, wouldn't have had to put out much effort in anything, aged gracefully with few complications (other than the shoplifting episode), and died in my sleep!

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I'm with you on Dorothy Dandridge- she was one hot woman! Gorgeous! Lena Horne too, but Dandridge had something extra...


Marilyn Monroe is in the running too! (But both Dandridge & Monroe had tragic endings- so much unhappiness and so much beauty! Just goes to show ya!

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