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Fiesta (1941)

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This film is coming up late tonight/early tomorrow morning on TCM *Friday, the 27th, 2:00am Pacific time, 5:00 am Eastern,* and I'm afraid I know nothing about it. From the TCM database page though, it sounds interesting:


"Fiesta marked the film debut of Los Angeles Civic Opera Company star Anne Ayars. The picture was also the only North American film of Mexican star Jorge Negrete. According to publicity materials, the picture features several authentic folk dances, including the dance of the Tehuanas, an Andalusian Gypsy Dance and the Oaxaca Plume Dance. The publicity packet also notes that the hacienda set was constructed on a Hal Roach sound stage, but some filming took place in Mexico. Actual Mexican locations were not observed in the viewed print. Fiesta was one of Roach's "streamlined features," a series of short comedies intended to fill the second half of a double bill."


Is anyone familiar with it?


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I have it on dvd from a "Hispanic Hollywood" documentary and it's actually pretty good for a short film. It was a nice surprise to see Antonio Moreno as the girl's father and Jorge Negrete was able to demonstrate his amazing voice to the English speaking audience. The film contains humor throughout so you might like it. Some of the characters were boring but the ones I mentioned saved the film. Let me know your thoughts if you see it.

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Hello again, metsfan.

I suspect I caught this in just the right mood, but I loved pretty much everything about it, especially the staging, the dancing, the group musical pieces and the great use of Technicolor. (For some reason, I was expecting a black and white movie). I did think some of the comedy was weak, a lot of the Pedro/Paco teaming, but no worse than a lot of such pairings from that period. And I'll admit I loved the bit with Pedro, Paco and the ghost.

I agree with you about Moreno and Negrete, and liked most of the principals, especially Armida.

Also enjoyed George Givot's bit here, who provided some more comic relief with Armida. Even Betty Bryson caught my eye.

It's a shame Negrete wasn't given more work in Hollywood. I think he would have done well, especially when I think of some I'd compare him to.

(I'll probably edit to add a bit more later, but I'd better post this now).

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Glad you were able to see the film! You're brave staying up until 5am but I hope it was worth it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this colorful film. Negrete was a great talent and it's a shame he never got any more opportunities to work in the US. He and Pedro Infante died in their early 40's unfortunately.

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