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LORNA DOONE (1922) New Print, and Music This Evening???

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Hey, What's this? TCM is running LORNA DOONE (1922) tonight in a newly mastered print, with a fresh score composed by a 20 year old! His name is Jesse Pierce of Atlanta, Ga.


Sure hope that this score is allot better than what they came up with for BROKEN BLOSSOMS last month? I trust it's not the same guy? Doesn't say what sort of instrumentation is involved?


I already have LORNA DOONE on DVD from Image, and the score is pretty good. Why don't they score something that hasn't previously been scored, rather than something that already has???


I sure wasn't planning on recording this, but if the new print is much improved, I definitely shall? Can't take another score like I heard on BROKEN BLOSSOMS though? Uhg!!!

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OK, it appears as if the claim that this was a TCM premier in the films write up was actually from a few years back? I think this was the same as the Image DVD release? I have had this DVD for a good three years, never really watched it, except for maybe the first 10 minutes or so? I will need to check?


The score was OK, but didn't really stand out for me, My own home dubbed scores are much better than this was. The film? About the same. It was alright, but nothing to get overly excited about. Would have much rather seen TCM air a Mary Pickford film in the Image/Milestone library.


Madge Bellamy looked very pretty in the lead. She was still a little green as an actress at this point in her young career. I liked her character and performance much better in John Ford's THE IRON HORSE (1925) The supporting cast except for the lovely girl who played the cousin was pretty much uninspired. Several key conversational type title cards appeared to be missing?


I admire the dedication of the kid, in cleaning up the print and all. The ending through me for a curve, and left you scratching your head a little bit? What exactly happened?

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LORNA DOONE was only so, so for me. Rex Ingram's SCARAMOUCHE (1923) with Ramon Novarro, Alice Terry, and Louis Stone is much better.


In-fact, I think the Silent version of SCARAMOUCHE is superior to the 1950's remake with Stewart Granger, I just saw that version and was not all that impressed. The story is much deeper, and grittier in the original. The later Technicolor production is really light hearted fair by comparison.

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Of course, Lorna was mostlyMadge Bellamy, whom I thought charming. John Bowers really did nothing for me, and I longed for the child actor Charles Hatton to come back and take the role again.....


I liked Frank Keenan very much as Sir Ensor Doone and wished he had had more to do. I did not know until recently that he was Ed Wynn's father in law and Keenan Wynn's grandfather.

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[/b] ...it appears as if the claim that this was a TCM premier in the films write up was actually from a few years back...[/b]


Like you, I'm pretty sure I recorded it earlier - maybe on DVD-R - but did it again, just to be sure. Have gotten around to watching it in the past week and liked most of it; the music is better than SOME of what's been foisted off on us more recently. (IMHO)


If you look at the VERY end of the credits, it shows 2001 for the copyright. So the 19-year-old Jesse (Jessie?) would now be 26 or so, at least. Still, quite an accomplishment; and praise be for transferring it (at least most of it) at a very reasonable frame rate.



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I agree the score for LORNA DOONE was allot better than We heard on William Haines SPRING FEVER! That was really dower, and seriously brought down the level of the fillm. What no other debut's of MGM Silent's in 2008???


Hey, I am trying to get as many people to request Tod Browning's THE BLACKBIRD, with Chaney, Renee Adoree, and Owen Moore, listed in the Data base, as THE BLACK BIRD as I can? Could you please vote?


The film has been restored, has a Robert Israel score, but there has still been no American TCM premier in the past three years. I spoke to TCM programmer about this, and there is a chance we could get an October debut. If you would help I would greatly appreciate it!


Be sure to vote for a DVD release too. Leaving this film out of the next Chaney set would be absurd, Especially, with a new Tod Browning documentary slated to be among the special features.

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